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3 Ways To Touch Your Clitoris For Incredible Orgasms

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This article from YourTango helps you learn some techniques on how to achieve incredible orgasm everyone’s looking for. If you properly follow this right clitoral stimulation technique, I’m sure it will give you a body-shaking orgasms.

3 Ways To Touch Your Clitoris For Incredible Orgasms

Get Comfortable, Really Comfortable – The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are comfortable before trying these clitoris stimulation techniques. If you are uncomfortable or stressed out about something, then you are going to find it much more difficult to really enjoy these techniques and tips. For most people, the privacy of their bedroom makes for the most comfortable place.

Don’t get me wrong now, you can still have a ton of fun if you are stressed and uncomfortable. It’s just that they won’t be nearly as enjoyable as when you are totally relaxed.

Slow Down! – You may be eager to try these clitoral stimulation techniques to try to orgasm as quickly as possible. This is perfectly fine. But you’ll find that it’s far, far more pleasurable to take things slowly, almost to the point that you are teasing yourself. When you do eventually reach orgasm, you will be glad you took your time!

Find A Great Position – Finding a great position to give you the most pleasure possible while masturbating.

Use Lube – This is not a deal-breaker or something that is mandatory for having a good time, but using a great lubricant like coconut oil when masturbating is going to make for much better orgasms, especially if you have trouble self-lubricating.

This is something that you should consider when giving your man a handjob too. Speaking of handjobs, if you want to learn how to give your man an awesome handjob, then you may be interested in this detailed article.

Now that we have covered the boring stuff, lets get down to it and learn some fun clitoral stimulation techniques to make masturbating a whole lot more fun!

1. The Squeeze – I can’t believe that more people don’t know about this clit rubbing technique. It’s so powerful, despite the fact that it’s an indirect clitoris stimulation technique. There are multiple ways to perform it, so I advise that you play around with it to discover the exact things that feel best for you.

The main technique that you are going to be doing is grabbing, squeezing and moving the folds of skin that cover and are directly around your clitoris so that your clit is sandwiched between these folds of skin. This means that you won’t ever be directly touching your clitoris. You’ll be doing this with your thumb and forefingers.

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