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Alternative Uses for Chocolate

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Some of us love to stick with the more traditional Valentine’s Day gift of chocolate. Sure, a box of chocolate covered delights is a great gift, but are you looking for something a bit different for your chocoholic on February 14th? Check out some of the suggestions from our team here at Adam and Eve on ways to enjoy chocolate this year without falling into the heart-shaped box black hole. Chocolate body paint is a thin type of frosting that can be painted onto your lover’s body, then licked up to enjoy the sweet taste. We particularly enjoy dripping it over the stomach, and using your fingers to paint it on the more sensitive parts of the body, such as the tip of the cock or a woman’s nipples to get the blood pumping. Looking for a quick substitution and can’t make it to the toy shop before the big day? You can always warm the chocolate frosting you can get at your grocery store and add a bit of milk to thin it out! Looking for something a bit more discreet? Instead of going out and getting the usual box of boring square chocolate, try a shape a bit more on the naughty side! You can find chocolates, both loose and on a lollipop stick, in the shape of many adult images. Some of our favorites are breasts, vaginas, cocks, lips and asses. If you’re really creative, the same company that makes the Clone-A-Willy kit does a chocolate Clone-a-Pussy kit! Have you tried chocolate flavoured condoms? They’re great for safe oral sex, and adds the sweet cocoa taste that we all love. It’s ideal for those ladies who prefer not to swallow, but still want to give their man a great blow job. You can always rely on the good ole chocolate sauce to add a bit of spice to your love life as well. For guys who have other halves that are a bit reluctant to get their mouths anywhere near their cocks, this is a bit of motivation to get their head down south. You can always return the favour with a chocolate syrup trail of your own on her clit to get you lapping it up that much more! Add whipped cream and a few cherries and you have yourself a sexual sundae that I’m sure you and your partner won’t forget! You can always take it a step further and get yourselves a chocolate fountain for the night. You can start off by dipping your ideal desserts into the flowing chocolate after your quiet meal at home. Once all the strawberries, pound cake, and crisped rice treats are gone, you can move onto dipping in your fingers and having your date lick off the chocolate. Where it ends up is only held back by your own boundaries!

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