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Are You Too Willing to Change for a Guy?

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What I like about my guy is that he never asked me to change. But I don’t know, he has this certain way of telling it without saying a word. Or was it just me who wants change? I didn’t admit to myself that I’ve changed until my friend at work, Linda, said that she feels I did change. She can’t point it out herself, and she doesn’t think I did change after I got my new job. Although I couldn’t admit at that time and I only told her that my job involves both sweetness and toughness, I began to question myself.

When I got to my apartment, I asked my roommate Jen, and told her about it. And then she said, “to be really honest, yes”. Gosh, I couldn’t believe it! And so I took another quiz from cosmo and here’s the result I got.

Malleable Mate. You think that if you stay glued to your guy 24/7 and bail on your friends, he won’t get away. “Many women change into what they believe a man wants to keep him,” says Greg Baer, MD, author of Real Love. “But when you start compromising for his affection, you alter the DNA of the union. “He fell for you, the individual, in the first place, “so when he suggests plans you don’t like, have the guts to say ‘I’m not really into that. Let’s do this instead,’ says psychologist Perry Buffington, PhD. Any guy worth your time will appreciate your opinion.


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  1. Princess Mody February 9, 2011

    Hi Penelope! You know I so much impress your status today. So on my part, I think I can’t change him although he try me to look another one. But honestly I can’t change him whatever. Instead now I put myself into getting to know more and keeping in touch him so well. Because that’s I love him so much, and he knew more about it.


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