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Can You Resist Temptation?

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I’ve been noticing lately that a lot of things are coming my way that I should really resist. Be it food, shopping, or guys! I have resisted them so far but until when? It’s so tempting that one more resistance might kill me! How about you? Can you resist temptation? Here’s the result I got with the quiz I took in Cosmo.

Practical Pleasure-Seeker. If a tempting offer comes your way, you know when to take it and when to wave it away. The secret to your sensibility? “You realize that you deserve to have fun and rewards, but you’re not going to hurt yourself with a binge or a reckless adventure,” says Nancy Rosenbach, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist in New York. Besides being confident and capable of exercising restraints, you always consider the consequences of a pleasure before taking it. Sure, you’ll let yourself have cheesecake or go home with a guy on a first date — because, reasonable chick that you are, you know that a lot life’s spice starts with “Oh, what the hell!” But what separates you from the overindulger is that you can differentiate between dangerous enticements and harmless ones. Your insticts say, “This sounds fabulous,” but your pragmatic side always follows it with “Will I regret it?” which is perfect strategy for a risk-free good time.

That’s my result for now. I hope I can keep myself from all temptations! 😀

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