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Emily Ratajkowski Boobs in Blurred Lines

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Credit: Emily Ratajkowski (TERRY RICHARDSON / GQ.)

Emily Ratajkowski “Blurred Lines” dancer shows what she got for her role in Robin Thicke’s racy summer video. Everyone will really say OMG! on Emily Ratajkowski boobs and gorgeous body.

I’m so naked,” she told “Not just naked, but so revealed.” – that’s how she reveals her seductive photos.
Emily Ratajkowski said her goofy nature was really apparent in the music video.

Surely, Ratajkowski will have her next big exciting role in the movie adaptation of the book “Gone Girl,” alongside Ben Affleck.

The Ritual Mangling of Emily Ratajkowski name comes next: Are you Emily Rajajajaja? “I definitely understand it,” Emily says. “It’s eleven letters; it’s horrifying.”

One person who probably knows how to pronounce it: David Fincher, who cast her as Ben Affleck’s mistress in his ultra hyped adaptation of Gone Girl. It’ll be her first film role, but we are able to see why Fincher was willing to overlook that; there was something elementally dramatic about her role in “Blurred Lines”—more silent-film star than video vixen, that captivating assertiveness in the event she rolls her eyes, the moment she marches around.

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