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Facebook Invitation: Can I Have Sex With You?

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Add me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter -- Penelope PardeeFacebook has helped me in various ways. Aside from gaining new friends, these social media tools have played a vital part in my never ending quest to make a sale for I can truly say that I can’t live without Facebook as being an outgoing gal; I love to meet new friends and learn a lot from them.

Several guys asked me to have sex with them on Facebook. Some sends me direct messages, some even on comment boxes and my wall. My common reaction to this is a simple smile. Well, I don’t have the attitude of embarassing people and it’s kind of a compliment in my part knowing that I am indeed hot and sexy.

I can’t blame people for praising, imagining or even masturbate in front of my photos. However, in lieu of Facebook rules and regulations, I’m afraid this might cause my page getting banned. It was even sweet for a Facebook friend of mine saying he just saw someone ask me to have sex with me, that he respects me and he’s hurt seeing such manner. Even so, I’m not at all alarmed as I believe the invitation depends on how you really mean it – either they really want to have sex or you just want to find out if I’ll agree.

I’m not a new bitch on the block but I’m sweet and naughty sometimes. So if you intend to send a sex invitation on my Facebook page, expect me to smile.

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