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First Date Tips For Men

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First date is filled with awkward pauses and pressure to impress someone you barely know, but today I’m going to give you some first date tips for men that will help you to success in this area.

couple drinking wineThe New Rules of First Date Tips For Men:

First Date Tips For Men No. 1 Guide: Do your homework:

Meeting the first time creates last impression. So think back to your previous conversations. Has she mentioned a menu she wants to eat or a neighborhood that she wants to check out? If she does, well that will be your first homework. Make a restaurant reservation about the food she wanted.

First Date Tips For Men No. 2 Guide: Don’t be afraid of chivalry! It’s not dead.

Be assertive; make sure you pay attention of what she like or not. If you order something for her like drinks, make sure she wants the same thing, so it is really significant to ask. Avoid talking dirty word of like asking the waitress for something else she didn’t like.

First Date Tips For Men No. 3 Guide:  Make a good impression.

Focusing on her is very significant; don’t forget that she’s focusing on you too. So be the best as you could. Act natural yet has a sense of humor.

First Date Tips For Men No. 4 Guide: Forget the Money and Stay With Your Budget

Don’t pick super expensive order that is out of your budget, this might not impress her as you expected. Just keep things relaxed in terms of food & money.

First Date Tips For Men No. 5 Guide:  Take the Lead

You should be in charge in the date. Always be resourceful, taking the lead will make her impress. If she is fidgeting asking for the check, pay it. Does she seem unsure of what to order? Offer to order for her. Don’t worry if you’re wrong – she’ll be happy you were man enough to make a decision.

And Get It Done! Just Follow The First Date Tips For Men Above:

Independent women are happy to stick up for what they want – you should be too. If she wants to date with you again – great for you. If she decline it, then you’ll need to go back at first date tips guide above.

Just follow the guide for first date tips for men above, I’m sure girls will love it as I like it too. For more online dating tips for men visit the link here.

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