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“First Love…”

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Posted this on my Facebook note earlier, so I wish to share it on my site as well.

“First love never dies…”

I heard it in the radio, read this on books and hear some people say this often; but I never thought a friend of mine will actually go through its most challenging phase.

I saw her one time thinking so deeply while I do some selling spree online. I asked her what’s bothering her and she told me the whole story (probably she just really wanted someone to talk to).

First Love by Penelope Pardee

Back when she was twelve years old, she was in love with this 14 year old boy. Both enjoyed their first boyfriend and girlfriend moments when some unwanted events separated them.

For 8 years the guy kept on asking her to reignite their romance, however my friend just don’t want to repeat some mistakes again and thought she doesn’t want to end up with a musician (the guy is a lead singer on a local band).

My friend married an accountant and after learning this, the guy married someone else as well. Now, they both have problems with their husband and wife as they met again, realized they still love each other and went back together.

Funny thing is, the problem now is even worse…divorce and custody.

Lesson 1: Don’t be too choosy. Marry someone you really love.
Lesson 2: If you don’t want to have problems in the future and your still in love with your first love, make sure it dies first before heading on.

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