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How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You

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Hey! Planning on getting a sex toy for your partner? I’ll help you out. But help me also by ordering something at and remember to use my name as special offer code! That’s PENELOPE so you’d get 50% OFF almost any item, FREE Shipping, 3 Hot DVDS, and a FREE gift! How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With YouThis isn’t really hard as it may sound especially to those who had relationships already. But for those who are single and just starting to explore the love world, it’s still best to get some tips. There are of course exemptions to those who don’t really need effort.

As I always say on my blog, I fell in love at a very young age and so my heart was broken very early too. I would say that I’m one of those lucky girls who can make guys fall in love effortlessly. But in some rare instances, hard work and sweats are still needed because not all guys are the same and not all guys that you like are into you.

The tips that I will list below are based on my experiences that definitely worked. I’m 26, maybe not old enough to give advice but I’ve been to a lot of relationships and heartbreaks. However, that’s another story, lol!

Okay, before anything else, make him like you by getting his attention. One wouldn’t surely notice that making him fall for you is your intention if he doesn’t even know you exist.

1. Listen to them. If you want to make them fall for you, make sure that you listen and take note some of their interests that are the same as yours. Just so you have something to agree on because guys really like that. We all know that we girls like to talk a lot than guys but just try to shut your mouth a little bit this time, it’s worth a try.

2. Just be yourself. We were always taught to be ourselves in any situation and it applies to this kind of scenario too. If you ever fake anything just to make him fall for you, he would eventually find out once you’re already together and might become a reason of early breakup. You shouldn’t forget that true love is always about accepting no matter what.

3. Make the best of your appearance. Okay, I know I just said that you have to be yourself. But this is a physical thing and not the inner part of you. You don’t have to wear heavy makeup or show more skin to get his attention. But just do look at your best like putting some little blush on or lip gloss and don’t be afraid to wear a sexy outfit. And no, you don’t have to be so skinny.

4. Flirt a little bit. There is nothing wrong with flirting and before you do this, make sure that he is single. You don’t want to ruin relationships, right? Flirting always works simply because guys love it! And don’t forget to give him a little bit of touch or physical contact.

5. Be optimistic. And you would be able to show this by smiling and laughing more. Don’t forget to share your goals, dreams and achievements if you get a chance to talk. No one likes to have a girlfriend who is lazy and doesn’t have any plans with her life. That is really a very huge turnoff. And that actually goes the same with guys. Don’t even try to like or date one because I’ve been through that and it’s really a dilemma.

Now that you got all these, go on, eye the guy that you like and start applying those tips. Get back to me if these won’t work, lol!

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