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Lingerie Shopping

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Nothing perks me up like buying myself some new underwear. One of the girls I work with and I decided to go on a lunch break browse through Adam and Eve’s lingerie catalogue and check out what they had to offer. He’s Brianna and my take on our favorite items!

Red Satin Corset at

Red Satin Corset – I LOVE corsets. The whole squeeze and lift thing makes my breasts look amazing. Real corsets, though – with the panels and steel boning – doesn’t seem like that it would make for easy love making. Role playing, yes. Throw-you-down-and-fuck, no. That’s why Bri and I really liked the look of the Red Satin Corset. It wasn’t as hard core as the usual corset type, and it covered enough that I could wear it out to the club. It still gave that sexy look of the real thing, though!

Click here to buy and learn more about Red Satin Corset.

Pirate Wench Costume at

Pirate Wench Costume – There’s a certain resort on the strip that has a pirate show every day. I’ve always had a thing for swashbucklers, and this little costume is just screaming for me to get! I like how the top has enough coverage so that it doesn’t look like you’re just wearing underwear, but it’s sexy enough to let a guy know you’re up for some fun.

Click here to buy and learn more about Pirate Wench Costume.

Adam & Eve 2-Piece Pearl Body Necklace at

Adam & Eve 2-Piece Pearl Body Necklace – If I were being adventurous, this is what I’d get. How hot does the model look in on the site? Maybe if I get the courage up, I’ll order it, and see how it looks….

Click here to buy and learn more about Adam & Eve 2-Piece Pearl Body Necklace.

Want more of these awesome lingerie? Click here for more. Don’t forget to use the Best Offer Code: PENELOPE for 50% discount plus free shipping, free hot DVDs and a mystery gift.

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