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My 2011 Gratitude Entry List

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In a week, it will have been 1 year of my stay in my Vegas apartment. There may have been lots of bad things happened since I moved but a lot of big things happened too. I’m going through another transition in my life and I thought it’s about time to write all the things I am grateful for this year.

Although I didn’t really intend to become a hotel receptionist when I arrived in Vegas, I am happy of my work and my workplace. I can’t describe much how my coworkers have portrayed such a huge part in keeping me emotionally healthy and balanced this year. They all help me be a better person every day and I am very thankful for that. I may have initially planned to become a model but having my job now was never an obstacle in making me pose for the camera. In fact, it gave me an opportunity to be noticed. I had the chance to model for some great photographers who passed by the hotel and I earned quite enough extra money out of it.
My 2011 Gratitude Entry ListSpeaking of extra money, I just realized that I’ve been working for Adam & Eve for a year now! Wow, when I started this blog and thought about using this as a medium to promote products, I didn’t expect to gain a lot of audience, twitter followers, and Facebook fans. So I would like to thank Adam & Eve for letting me work for them and thanks a million to my readers and to those who used my offer code PENELOPE in buying their products. Again, you can still use my name as offer code. :)

Next on my list is my ex. I am thankful for having my ex boyfriend around after all. We broke up like 6 month ago but he still stayed and I consider him now as my best friend. I still can’t believe how this happened. I mean we had a terrible breakup, we had trust issues, but we are still together. Oh well, maybe we were really meant to be just best friends. We are both dating someone else now but we are happy for the friendship that we have built. I thank him for that and for backing me up all the time.

And last but not the least, I am grateful for having a great family who stood by me no matter what. I can’t express my feeling of happiness now that I’m spending my Christmas with them here in New York. This is a very rare occasion and I won’t take this for granted. Especially when it’s mom who bought my ticket, lol.
I love you all and have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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