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Online Boyfriend – Is it as Good as The Real Thing?

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Online Boyfriend - Is it as Good as The Real Thing?As all of you know, I’m single again. It’s been a month and I believe I’ve already moved on. I would say that keeping myself busy is a big help. And lately, I notice that I’ve been chatting online again, flirting with my Facebook and Twitter fans, ladies and gentlemen, lmao! This thing brought me back to old memories. Although we know that we’re already living in a modern era, it’s still a bit shocking for some people if they find out that you met your boyfriend online, or that you have an online boyfriend. I even wonder that it’s more unusual if one have never tried it at all.

I started chatting seriously at 20. It was just for fun at first but I started to like some guys online and began to give out more feelings. I flirted with different guys around the globe but I really only had 2 online boyfriends that felt so real at that time. We may have different reasons why we look for relationship online instead of finding one in real life. Whenever I remember it now, it makes me smile because of how I invested a lot of emotions to my chatmates before. I was really shy then and chatting online makes me feel otherwise. It’s like I could be a different person to different people that I talk to in the virtual world.

Out of the many guys I flirted with online, I only considered 2 of them as real boyfriends. I haven’t met the first one but as far as I could remember, we lasted for about a year, while I met the other one after 4 months of chatting. I don’t have any regret because they have taught me a lot of things. I am even friends with the first one on Facebook and I’m happy about his current relationship. The only thing I probably regret was the wasted time I spent waiting for them to get online that I could have spent with my friends after class.

There are some people I even know who met online, got together for real and finally got married. It’s very possible these days and I couldn’t question what they have felt for each other online because I once or twice felt the same. I could never question the love and trust they have exchanged. I would say that it’s like believing something exists that isn’t visible to the eyes. I really couldn’t say that it’s as good as the real thing though but just really close. I think having a bf online is like amusing you with the fantasy of having a relationship until you find a real one.

And while there are benefits to having an online bf, like not always having to be around someone which can be suffocating, not having to constantly tell someone where you are or where you are going, and maintaining a very large percentage of your independence, it can never replace all those moments that you spend wrapped inside each other’s arms. If I ever get another boyfriend online, I would prefer us to meet and probably continue a long distance relationship if we’re far, than prolong the relationship without seeing each other. But I also believe that all of us cannot just wait all the time and we all do reach our limit. Love is like that, it can’t always stay in a long distance or in the cyberworld. Two people should meet, touch, and make use of all the senses to make the love real. No one would want an online boyfriend forever, right?

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