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Penelope Pardee’s Favorite Sex Toys Part 1

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penelope pardee favorite sex toy part 1Okay, uuhhmm many people are sending me messages on Twitter and Facebook about what sex toys I’d like to recommend. So instead of sending them messages one by one, I thought, why not write about it and direct them to my website? It’s a great way to get more visitors, right? Lol.

Ever since I worked with Adam & Eve, they always send me  one or 2 sex toys almost every month. But then a week ago, I got a big box of Adam and Eve toys and I thought maybe it was for my birthday!  I had to phone Adam & Eve right away to thank them. My roommate Jennifer was so jealous but I told her, I can share haha! 😀 Now, I’m so excited to tell you about their great products. And you know I get a commission for every product you buy when you use the offer code PENELOPE at the checkout.

Anyway, how do you choose a sex toy for yourself or your lover? The very first vibrator I got came from my ex boyfriend when I was 19. And even if it’s not functioning anymore, I didn’t bother throwing it away because it’s memorable and so I just kept it in my sex toy box. So I’m guessing that whatever sex toy you give for yourself for the first time is fine. But how about the next vibrator for yourself or for your partner? The best thing I think is know the person you’re giving sex toy to.

If your girl is like me who likes oral sex a lot and wants external stimulation, you should go for oral sex toys. Some examples are tongue teaser and tongue ring. And what I like about these sex toys is that they don’t only work for your clit but for your nipples and all sensitive parts of your body as well! Sadly, I’m single now so I have to play with myself alone. Thanks to whoever invented bullet or egg vibrators. If you want your girl to play with herself whenever you’re not around, this is one the best sex toys Adam & Eve got. What I love about these kind of sex toys is that although they’re usually so tiny, they never fail to give me an extraordinary pleasure. Most of them are also waterproof so it can be used in the shower or in the pool.

TIP: So of course you wanna be private about your order, no worries, you’ll find plenty of these oral sex toys and bullet or egg vibrators at Remember to use my name as offer code: PENELOPE to get 50% OFF, FREE Shipping, 3 Hot DVDs, and a FREE Gift!

And if you want to know my next recommendation, keep visiting my website! I can’t wait to write my favorite sex toys part 2 about penetration. :)

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