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Pros and Cons Of One Night Stand

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So you’re okay with one night stands. On the other hand, you actually enjoy it.  If having a one night stand is your thing, then checkout below AllWomenStalk’s Pros and Cons for one night stands.

The biggest pro of a one night stand is that there should be no involvement with your emotions. I know that a lot of other pros and cons of one night stands lists start out this way, but I can promise, that this is a huge pro. If you are just looking for a night to not be yourself and not be emotionally involved, this is it!

Pros and Cons Of One Night Stand
Oh yes, how can you be awkward with someone that you don’t really know? This is definitely a pro to one night stands! Not only can you just have sex, but you don’t even have to stay the entire night if you don’t want to.

While you might not think that all one night stand sex is mind-blowing, it’s the thrill. The fact that you are having sex with someone that maybe you just met or that you don’t know at all that makes it mind-blowing. It might actually be the best sex that you’ll ever have!

Ah, of course, a one night stand will give you a huge ego boost! Someone wanted to be with you so badly that they gave up their night to be with you. When you have a one night stand, I can honestly tell you that it is a huge ego boost!

If you’ve ever been in a horrible relationship or been strapped down in a relationship too long and you finally have ended it, you are probably feeling really liberated right? A one night stand can actually make you feel completely liberated in every way possible.

When you are going with one night stands, one of the biggest cons out there is stds. There is a risk of this. Remember, if you are going to go through with a one night stand, you’ve got to make sure that you are safe. Use a condom and really protect yourself in every way possible!

Let’s say you have a real connection with the guy at the bar, you have sex with him and then you start to have feelings. What could have been just a one night stand, is now something a little more complicated. This can and has happened to a lot of people, so be aware of that.

One night stands can be addictive too, especially if you are not in a relationship. Habits like these are hard to break, especially if you like the thrill, especially if you love the feeling of sleeping with someone that you don’t really know. Remember, habits like this can be hard to maintain and very difficult to handle.

Finally, remember how Samantha from Sex and the City constantly sees her one night stands? That could be you if you allow this to be your habit! Just because you had sex once, doesn’t mean that the person fades away, so you could run into them again.

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