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Ridiculous New Year Resolutions

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Every year, most of us choose New Year’s Eve to set out goals for ourselves for the upcoming year. Often these targets are rather general, and somewhat achievable, but other times the resolutions that we make are outright ridiculous. Let’s discuss a few of the more outrageous and make them into something that’s much more possible in the coming year.

1. “I will be engaged by such-and-such a date.” Unless you are the one going to be proposing, this goal is one that almost completely out of your control – especially if you aren’t in a relationship to start with. There are a number of alternatives that would go much further in the marriage-to-be department. Rather than concentrating on getting the ring, why not set yourself a goal to spend more quality time with your loved one to get your relationship at a point where being engaged isn’t too far-fetched. If you aren’t even at the relationship stage, and you are just starting to look for a partner, creating a goal that involves you going out and being involved in situations where you are likely to meet a compatible person are more on the realistic side.

2. “I will learn a new word meaning every day.” This is so middle-school, it surprises us that it’s even still a common New Year’s resolution. The fact that they make daily calendars for this type of thing also sends off signals that it’s not a truly valuable resolution. If you’re looking to raise your IQ, or increase your vocabulary, try reading more. Newspapers, novels, non-fiction or even a magazine can do more for your word-power than opening up a dictionary and choosing a random word to memorize for the day. A resolution to read 12 books during 2012 will go further to get your brain in gear.

3. “I will make my body look just like<insert Hollywood actress here>.” Working on your body is a frequent desire for the New Year. Becoming a clone of a starlet who has their own personal chef and trainer may not only be financially impossible, but biologically as well. There certain body shapes that can’t be obtained if you have a given set of genes or a really good plastic surgeon. Rather than trying to create the body of someone else, try becoming more comfortable with your own body. If you could use a few improvements in the physical form department, set yourself a resolution to work out at least three times a week, or run a certain number of miles per day. The target isn’t so much a weight reading on a scale or a dress size, but getting your body as fit as you can be, along with a healthy diet.

While we are sure that none of you have fallen into these resolution-traps, you might see that certain aspects of your desires may tread on some of these no-nos. New Year’s Resolutions should follow the SMART philosophy for targets : Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. That way, you won’t be in a position to let yourself down over the new year, and you can give yourself a much deserved pat on the back when you reach your goal, or at the very least, give yourself an idea of where you are come June when New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory.

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