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Scoring at the Gym – Tips to Nabbing the Hottie on the Treadmill

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Every gym has one – the guy that all the women line up and drool over, and are far too afraid to approach on their own. You’ve come to the gym to get yourself in great shape as part of your New Year’s Resolution, and this hot piece of man-flesh fits in perfect with your idea of a great Friday night.

Gym tips

Tips to get a Gym Hottie

How can you stand out from all the other ladies to get his attention, without making it painfully obvious that you’d do just about anything to get his digits?
Take off the iPod. If you have any hope in Mr Hot Stuff approaching you, you need to look approachable. Wearing a pair of headphones in your ears gives off the impression that you don’t want to be disturbed. Otherwise, the only way that he’s going to be able to get your attention is by trying to manoeuvre in front of you to catch your gaze, which can be a bit strange looking if taken the wrong way!

Know his workout routine. Without being stalker-ish, have a general idea of what his gym regime is like. This isn’t so much to enable you to follow him around like a lost puppy, but more for your own self-awareness. If your target guy happens to approach you, you’ll have a clue as to when and where it may happen. You’ll be ready to break the ice, and not caught off guard.

Don’t overdo the perfume. Yes, we all get a bit funky when we are working out. You want to be sure that you’ve got enough deodorant on to take care of any excess smells, but you need to make sure you don’t smell like a Macy’s counter either. Let those pheromones do their work, but don’t let him smell you coming.

You’re at a gym, not a bar. Dress the part! There’s no need for fake eyelashes, loads of makeup, and perfectly placed hair weaves while working out. A guy can spot desperation like this a mile away, and trust me – it’s not a good look. Go for a natural appearance. Tie your hair back, wear a new gym outfit, and break out those running shoes.

Ask him to give you a hand. If good-looking happens to be nearby when you need someone to spot you on the weights, why not ask him? It’s a great way to get the conversations going, as well as making that all important eye contact. While you’re at it, ask him if he has any suggestions on classes offered at the gym, or staff members he thinks could really help you enhance your routine. With any luck, he’ll invite you along to the classes he goes to, or offer to work on your work out himself.

Chances are, he is there to exercise, and not socialize. You need to find your own methods so that you’re not encroaching in on his work-out time. If you get a rejection, don’t be completely discouraged. That just means it’s time to move on to the next hottie that attends your spin class!

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