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Sex Moves That Matches Every Mood

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Most people are moody especially women.  Though our mood varies, there are times that you still want to satisfy your sexual urges as well as your partner’s regardless your mood.

Cosmo has recently published an article about several sex moves that would match every mood, and I’m delighted to share it to everyone. Check them out below!

Feeling snuggly? Lie with your head on his chest and trace cute little messages across his torso (“So happy”/”You’re hot”). Then let him reciprocate by writing his own love note across your back.

Not feeling so hot on yourself? Perfect time to employ half-dressed sex: Keep your mini dress on, push your undies aside, and don’t let him get totally naked either—it’ll feel urgent and charged, without putting you on full display.

Sex Moves That Matches Every MoodCrazy
Doggie-style sex—in front of a window!—taps into your wild, exhibitionist side. You’ll literally steam things up. (If you have nosy neighbors, be sure to do it at night, with the lights are off.)

Have a pizza picnic party in bed. No TV allowed: Put on a sexy playlist, and sit across from each other like you would at a restaurant. Serve the pizza on plates, pour some wine, and don’t be afraid to get messy.

Dim the lights and trade backrubs. A massage releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, so you’ll feel even more connected to each other. A massage candle kill two lovebirds (we’ll be here all week) with one stone. makes one that melts into a shea butter-infused oil.

Climb on top of him and pin his wrists against the bed. Holding on to his arms gives you leverage so you can really go for it, and it adds to the you-in-control vibe. The diagonal angle also provides more contact between his pelvic bone and your clitoris, upping the orgasmic potential.

Orgasms are tension busters, so after a hard day at work, pull your guy close and whisper, “All I want is for you to make me come.” (Hello!) When there’s a problem, men like to fix it, so you’re making him feel like a total stud while getting yours at the same time.

When you want to draw out the experience, try stop-and-go sex. Bring yourselves to the brink, then stop. Don’t move, don’t grind, don’t do anything, for at least 30 seconds. Then resume your activities, and repeat the stop-and-go two more times. Delaying your orgasm makes the release feel superhero powerful.

‘Tis better to give than to receive, right? “Yes!” says every boyfriend ever. When the giving mood strikes, tell him to lie back and relax, then roll a condom on and start going down on him. After a few minutes, take it off and continue. Going from sheathed to bare-skinned suddenly will make your mouth and tongue feel so much more intense than usual.

On nights when you want to let your freak flag fly, assume an alter ego. (What? Beyoncé does it! Sasha Fierce, anyone?) It’s easier to get into character when you don’t look like you, so meet him at the door wearing a wig. Tell him that “Erin is working late tonight. I’m her evil twin.” His night just got a lot more interesting.

Learn more sex moves at!

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