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5 Best Ways to Have Oral Sex With Condom

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sex with condom, oral sex with condom, sex with a condomMany people say that oral sex with a condom is not as good than not having one. But in this article, I would like to oppose in that certain phenomena.  You might going to try these 5 best ways to have oral sex with condom and feel free to comment below after doing this sexy condom tip advice.

  1. Condom Licking Trick
    Slowly roll the condom on using your hands, tracing your tongue down at the back of his cock gently and passionately.
  2. Lube Inside The Condom
    Put at least 2-3 drops of lubricant inside the condom before the oral sex, it may help to give him an extraordinary sensation.
  3. Play It With Your Breast
    Put the condom inside the top of his penis. You can lean over, so you can position comfortably. Then, squeeze and compress his penis between your breast so he can feel extreme pleasure. More importantly, do it in a sexy way!
  4. Sex with Condom at 69 Position
    Give her a mind blowing blowjob with a condom at 69 position. Work your magic down by giving him a head at the peak of his cock slowly going down on his balls.
  5. Roll It Your Foot
    Use your toe in rolling the condom down inside his entire penis while your hands placing the condom into the tip his cock.

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