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Spice up Your Bedroom Tonight

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Are you looking for a way to add a little excitement to your bedroom? While some couples may shy away from sex toys, they can add another dimension to your sex life, and give it the spark it needs.
Don’t fall into the trap that some couples find themselves in – that sex toys are for single women, or swinger couples, or those who like to get a bit too freaky in the bedroom. There is a sex toy for every kind of couple that’s out there. You can start with the basic vibrator – a great first purchase for any toy chest. A simple classic vibe can be small in size, as not to be intimidating to first time users. The Adam and Eve store sells some of the best starter vibrators out there, like the Power Bullet Mini Vibrator. While their most obvious use is to stimulate the clitoris of a woman, you can also use them on a man – by placing it on his testicles for a new sensation, or even as a prostate massager for those slightly more adventurous men.
Maybe you’re not looking for the outside stimulation that you can get from sex toys, but something to enhance what you’ve already got – lubes! Sometimes, all a couple needs to hit the right spots is a bit more lube. There are a number of options available, from your traditional water based lubricants, to those with additional ingredients that can help a man stay harder for a longer period of time, to lubes that are flavored for a bit of an extra edge during oral sex. Adam and Eve store has a wide variety to choose from.
If you are a bit shy about delving into the world of vibrators and flavored lubes, then you can always start off with the classic trick of dirty underwear. The lingerie selection at Adam and Even includes classic bra and panty sets, remote controlled vibrating panties, and full body stockings. A new set of naughty underwear can change a woman’s mindset and get her blood pumping in the bedroom all over again.
Whether you are looking to spice things up with the help of a new sex toy, or interested in seeing what a little bit more lubrication can do for your sex life, or want to surprise your partner with a kinky little costume, a little resourcefulness can help you add a spark to the bedroom without blowing your budget.

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