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Sugar Daddy’s Shopping Trip

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Sugar Daddy Michael takes his young lover Sophie out lingerie shopping. She gives him a show and tell and they have sexual encounter in the changing rooms while others listen in.

Michael and Sophie’s relationship is pretty straight forward. He’s a fifty something wealthy businessman who enjoys young and beautiful company. She’s a barely legal 19 year old with a body to die for and a sexual appetite to match. Together they have an understanding that as long as they are both happy, the relationship continues. Luckily for them, days like today are rather frequent.

Michael’s driver picked up Sophie from her dorm room after her classes had finished for the afternoon. She had straighten her long blonde hair just the way he likes it, and put on the short dress he had bought for her on their last shopping excursion. She texted her friends on her phone on the way to the mall to let them know that she’d be hitting the clubs with them that night.

As the driver pulled up to the mall entrance, Michael opened the door to let out his little plaything Sophie. She kissed him sweetly on the cheek and took his hand as they made their way through the doors. They caught up on small talk – Sophie letting him know how classes had been going, Michael filling her in on all the business trips he had been on since their last meeting a few weeks ago. After a late lunch and a few cups of coffee, they started their shopping.

The last stop of the day was in Sophie’s favorite lingerie shop. She had always admired the clothing she saw in the windows, but was never able to afford them herself before she had met Michael. Now her drawers were overfilled with high priced bras and panties, all purchased with Michael’s platinum card.

Michael picked out what Sophie would try on for him. She didn’t mind as their tastes were quite similar and he knew what fit her best. With a rack of bra sets, babydoll tops, body stockings and a bath robe, Sophie entered the dressing stalls to try on what Michael had provided. The first set was a cute little black and white set – black lace bra with white trimmed lace cup, black g-string thing with white bow on the back side. She slid into the outfit, adjusted her D-cup breasts in the mirror and walked out to Michael to show it off to him. She heard a few gasps from the ladies in the shop. It’s not often that the women trying on these undergarments parade around the shop floor in them – especially not with a much older man eyeing them up.

Sophie walked over to Michael and sat in his lap. He smiled as he looked her over, and licked his lips before he kissed the nape of her neck. Sophie giggled from the tickles and bounced up and down slightly, pleased to see that Michael appreciated how she looked in this sexy little number.

“You like this one, Daddy?”asked Sophie in her littlest, cutest voice.

“Yes, I do, button”, replied Michael.

Sophie stood up, grabbed Michael’s hand, and walked him back to the changing room with her. She closed the curtain behind her, but the prying eyes of the store staff followed them. Sophie could see them looking over at them through the sides of the curtain that didn’t quite close all the way. Michael didn’t care, and neither did Sophie.

Public Sex - Sugar Daddy’s Shopping Trip

Michael sat on the bench, and unbuttoned his jeans. His dick was already rock hard from seeing his little nymphet prance around in barely anything. He pulled it out, and then manouvered Sophie closer to him. Sophie climbed on top of Michael, straddling his hips, and pushed the string of her thong to one side. She lowered her tight pussy onto his stiff member, and let out a moan as she slid down the shaft. She was wet with excitement herself which made the first push all that more pleasurable.

With a loud moan, Michael started thrusting his hips up into Sophie’s tight teen pussy. Sophie bounced up and down following his rhythm, herself making nearly as much noise as he did. They both knew they were being watched, and certainly being heard. It turned them on that much more, and encouraged them to take it all the way. Michael’s pounding bounced Sophie’s tits up and down in the bra. They knew it would only be a matter of time before the staff would get up the courage to ask them to stop, so they fucked as hard and as fast as they could. It was a race to cum, and Sophie was there first.

Michael’s massive cock had been rubbing against her swollen clit the while time, and now was the moment she would let loose and cum. Her moans turned into screams, into demands for “Daddy” to fuck her harder, pull her hair, smack her ass. Her pussy tightened with each wave of orgasm, which drew Michael that much closer to cumming himself. Her thighs shook, her shouting turned into swearing, and soon she was coming down off her orgasmic high. As her breath slowed down, Michael’s started to speed up.

Sophie felt his massive cock start twitching, and soon enough his hands were around her hips, grabbing them tight, pushing her body up and down to get every inch of his cock inside her. She felt his dick explode with a stream of cum as he started to shout her name. Sophie rode him until every last drop was done, every last twitch of his dick finished.

When he was done, she kissed him on his sweaty forehead, and leaned forward to see a collection of staff and patrons watching them finish their fucking session. Sophie climbed off Michael’s now-spent cock, ripped the tags off of a bath robe that was in the lingerie collection she had in the changing room, and passed Michael one end so that he could clean himself off. Sophie used the other end to wipe off herself, and put her dress back on after readjusting her new thong and bra.

Michael collected all of the hangers of clothes and the now dirty bathrobe before making his way through the store, to the check-out counters. Passing a crowd of astonished eyes, he placed the sets of underwear and bath robe tags onto the counter, threw the robe into the store’s garbage can, and laid his platinum card on the counter. Sophie appeared behind him, giving a sweet smile to the lady behind the desk, whose jaw was still dropped to the floor. Michael kissed Sophie on the top of her head, fixed an errant strand of her hair, and turned to the staff member at the register.

“I’d like to charge these, please”, he said with a wink and a smile.

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