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The Best Time To Have Sex

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You enjoy having sex most especially when you do it at a perfect time, venue and situation.  A lot of people are eager to know the best time to have sex; hence, I’m delighted to share with you an article I got from cosmo that will surely help a lot of couples out there.

“We know you’re always looking to max out your time between the sheets. But when you have sex can be just as important as how you do it. With that in mind, we polled hundreds of you online to find out the best time to get busy. We’ll definitely be trying these…

On a Lazy Saturday Morning

Hands down, this was voted the sexiest time to get busy.The Best Time To Have SexMake It Hotter: In the morning, when you notice that he’s starting to stir, go down on your man to make sure he’s wide awake. Then have him return the favor.

Before Bed

A close second behind Saturday a.m., 23 percent of you prefer to have sex right before you go to bed.Make It Hotter: Come to bed wearing one of your man’s oversized button-downs…and nothing else.

During a Storm

The drumming of the rain, the occasional rumble of thunder…oh yeah, storm sex is hot.Make It Hotter: Even if the power hasn’t gone out, hit the lights and get busy in pitch darkness. By dulling one of your senses (sight), you enhance others, like touch.

In the Middle of the Day

Whether it’s a saucy rendezvous during your lunch break or a Sunday afternoon sack session, middle of the day sex is a winner.Make It Hotter: If you’re already home together, catch your guy off-guard by pinning him to the wall and kissing him deeply. Then, unzip his pants. He’ll know where to go from there.

Before Work

Nothing makes your morning meeting more bearable than a pre-work quickie.Make It Hotter: Put on a pencil skirt sans underwear and greet your guy in bed.

At Night in a Parked Car

Just the knowledge that you could get caught adds a little extra spice to your romp.Make It Hotter: Wear a short skirt and have your guy sit in the passenger seat. Sit in his lap and have him enter you. Then grind back and forth against him as things heat up.

At Night Under the Stars

Getting frisky under the stars is the ultimate way to turn up the romance.Make It Hotter:  Have your guy lay on his back and lay on top of him, so that your back is to him. Have him enter you, and enjoy the ride while you both gaze at the stars.

In the Shower at the End of the Day

All that stress from the day has to go somewhere…Make It Hotter: Join your guy in the shower wearing a filmy white tank. Once it gets wet, he’ll get an eyeful.

Read more – – Best Time to Have Sex – When Is the Best Time to Have Sex – Cosmopolitan
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