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Tips on Penis Enlargement by Dr. Kat

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Dr. Kat shares one insightful tip with men. Today’s sex tip has to do with penis enlargement. There are lots of questions from men about how they can have a longer or a girthier penis. They usually ask about either having a surgery or taking supplements.

I am here to tell you that for those of you are interested in surgeries, the men that I have talked to who have actually gone through such procedures. Most of them end up not being happy with it. They have ended up having a negative experience where they do not get the results that they wanted or it has negatively affected their ability to have sex.
As far as supplements are concerned, there is nothing that has been scientifically proven to actually increase your penis size through taking a pill. Now that being said, there are couples of tricks to the trade, you can use either a penis ring or a penis pump that will pull more blood into the penis and make it appear larger and more vascular. But ultimately, I just tell most guys to love what they have because most of their partners will anyway.

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