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Tips to Dating Multiple Partners at Once

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You are probably already done with your New Year’s Resolution and very assured that this and that is what you want to do in a different way this 2012. But have you ever thought about what your partner might want you to change or do this year? 2012 may have just started but Adam and Eve didn’t let this survey pass.They didn’t really have to go out to ask several men.All they did was asked 6 of their male employees about resolutions that they want their partners to make! How convenient!

Stop checking your phone every few seconds. You’re in a date and it’s all about a good conversation. But how can you achieve that if you interrupt his words every 5 seconds because you have to update your status on Facebook or tweet your friends about your date? Wouldn’t you feel bad if he’s going to do the same habit? You know you need attention and so is your guy.

Tell him if you’re upset the first time he asks.I know, I know, this should be my resolution too because we, women like to keep things to ourselves and pretend that everything’s okay. We wait until they’re all piled up and burst out whenever we want to. I think what men want to happen is for us to be more open so that we can address the problem right away and start moving on!

Stop worrying too much about how you look. We always worry about our pimple or stretch marks but what we don’t know is guys don’t really care too much. He was attracted to you that is why you are together and all these worries can be temporary. You don’t have to cancel a date just because a small zit just came out of your face. That’s why concealer was invented, girl!

Don’t be too smart all the time. This usually happens when you two have an argument and you always want him to look bad for you to be right. But please learn to be responsible of your mistakes. Give and take should be within a relationship for it to succeed. You can’t always blame your partner because the next thing you know, he’s out of bed and looking for other women who can take responsibilities.

Stop adding the amount of difficulty in your life. We girls can’t say no to people and this sometimes causes our stress. It’s okay to help but everything that’s too much is bad. In fact, we usually drive all our negativities to our partner when we can’t handle difficulties anymore. You have to learn when to say yes and no. Do more for yourself because you deserve it! Sometimes, being selfish is good. Giving more time to yourself and your partner can lead to a healthier relationship.

Don’t take yourself too seriously when asked to do fun thing to spice up your lives. How many of you girls considered this as “he isn’t happy with me anymore!” Why can’t you both have a little harmless fun? Your guy may just want you two to do things other than the usual. It’s the same as how bored you can get if he’s having sex with you in only one position every night. This doesn’t always mean that he’s tired of you but a little spice to your relationship can’t kill! Be more open to fun and you will be both happier with each other, I promise!

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