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What Date Style Says About Your Man?

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What Date Style Says About Your ManDon’t you know that you can tell what kind of man he is through his dating style? Read an article in Cosmo and just learned that you can actually determine a man’s character on what kind of date he takes you.

Check out below!

The Neighborhood Bar

He’s a laid-back guy, and while it might not seem like he’s trying, he is. Chances are, he’s conscious of where he took you since he’s looking for a girl who is equally laid-back.

His Deal: He’s open to having a relationship, but his life isn’t dependent on it.

Something Active

You may be dreading his suggested baseball outing, friendly game of tennis, or walk in the park (what is he, 80?), but his approach is a good one. He wants a woman who he can share experiences with, and he knows there’s no better predictor than going out and doing it.

His Deal: He wants to see if you can be friends. If you can be patient, you’re in a good position if things start to escalate

A Friend’s Party

If he’s inviting you to a party, he’s obviously attracted to you and doesn’t mind having you by his side. This guy may not have “settling down” very high on his priority list, but you can approach this date knowing that his intentions are clear: Let’s have a good time and see where this goes.

His Deal: He might not be ready to jump into anything, but you could find a connection.

The Spot Near His Place

If you live close to each other, it’s a different story. But if he chooses a date spot that’s much closer to his place, especially one within walking distance, you can assume that he wants you to try this “great hidden gem” so he can steer your date night back to his pad.

His Deal: He’s probably looking for a hookup.

The Perfect Location

He nailed it. The place has it all. He somehow managed to choose a place that’s not fancy (it’s cute), it’s not loud (it’s conversation-level), and it’s not romantic (it’s cozy). He’s no stranger to dating and making someone feel special, and whether he realizes his intentions or not, he’s setting the scene to see if he gets lucky and sees his future wife sitting across the table from him.

His Deal: He might be ready to settle down. But he also might just be a total player.

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