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What Guys Secretly Think of Your Hair

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I have a new haircut! Do you like it? :) I had the time to read cosmo mag again lately. According to them, they asked 100 guys on the street whether they care if a girl styles her hair the same way every day. 71% said no while 29% said yes. One good example of this is Jennifer Aniston. Have you noticed that she sticks to her signature style? And see, it works!

My hair has been cut a bit short but I don’t see any big difference. I only feel lighter and newer. I had a haircut a few weeks after my break up with my then ex boyfriend now boyfriend (again) lol. For me, it was an act of leaving behind desperations and renewing myself. It took my boyfriend a few minutes to notice that I had a haircut when we first met again. So yeah, guys really barely care haha!

So what’s your sexy haircut? Wavy strands with straight bangs? Flirty ponytail? Share it! Send me a message via twitter @penelopepardee :) Thank you guys!

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