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When To Upgrade Your Sex Toys

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I’ve had my fair share of sex toys over the last decade or so, and I’ve become a bit of an expert on when it’s time to retire your old one and start looking to replace them with new and improved models. Sometimes you may just want something new to play with, while others need to be changed over when they become a safety hazard. I’ve listed my top five tips for when you can tell it’s time to upgrade your sex toys.

1. You’re sick of buying more batteries. There are a number of rechargeable sex toys on the market, including bullet and rabbit style vibrators. You are going to pay a bit more for these battery free alternatives, but you will save the money over time with forgoing the additional purchases. The other great thing about rechargeable is that they tend to hold onto full power for longer, as opposed to battery powered vibes that start slowing down when the juice starts running out.

2. It’s taking longer to orgasm. This could be caused by two reasons. Either the toy isn’t working as well as it used to, or you are becoming too used to that particular type of stimulation. Sex toys aren’t meant to last forever, and the cheaper the toy, the sooner it’ll start showing its age. Even if your twenty dollar vibe is standing the test of time, you body might not be as turned on by it as it used to be.

3. Phthalates are in the toy’s materials. The majority of jelly sex toys contained phthalates before it was linked to cancer. Using toys with phthalates may increase your risk for cervical cancer. Instead, get a toy that’s made from plastics or other materials that won’t expose you to any deadly diseases. At the very least, slip a condom on your phthalate containing toy for some safe solo sex.

4. It’s starting to look or smell a bit funky. If your current toy is made from a porous material (like the previously mentioned jelly), it could be holding onto dangerous bacteria. Even if you always use a condom on your toy, and clean them after every use, the materials can still pick up stray body fluids and other nasties. So if your toy isn’t as clear or shiny as it used to be, it’s time to toss them in the garbage.

5. You feel like it’s time for an improvement. If you’ve been eyeballing a new vibe, or your partner wants to try one of the male masturbators on the market, give it a try! A lady should have a collection of toys at her disposal, and a couple even more. Be sure not to skimp on the funds, though. Cheaply made vibrators might be pleasing to the wallet, but they might not always be pleasing to other parts of your body – especially your head when they break down sooner rather than later! Sex toys can be a serious investment in some cases, so always do your research to find the best ones available.

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