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An exciting episode from Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and her lone ranger Ross. Learn how to cure morning sickness, to achieve orgasm and some tips to get a sex drive. Spice things up by going to and just enter coupon code DRKAT at the checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs,… Read more »

07 November 2013 | no comments | Audio

Listen to this wild and erotic story about the cowgirl and five stallions.. She was born to ride, so she proved that she could keep up with the stallions.. This story of orgy is extremely hot. Plus, there’s a special offer for you at the end of this podcast, so listen until the end.. Get 50% OFF on almost ANY… Read more »

06 November 2013 | no comments | Audio

In the mood for a sexy blonde in hot fishnets just waiting for you to get her wet and wild? Try out some sex apps. Sometimes you want to be wild and crazy, well, it’s part of human nature! Sex games not only break up bedroom boredom, they also open up the lines of communication and give you an excuse… Read more »

05 November 2013 | no comments | Blog

Here’s one of Jessica’s Guide to Wicked Sex video. In this video, Jessica talks about the Cowgirl and the Reverse Cowgirl positions where the woman on top is truly in control. This is great for those women who want to take charge on the depth and rate of each single thrust. This position gets you face to face with your… Read more »

04 November 2013 | no comments | Video

Make your Friday hot and sexy with this arousing episode of Friday Night Fun. Check out this hot erotic story about a woman who had her first orgasm on a bonfire at the New York beach that she will never forget. Make your Friday night’s unforgettable with Adam & Eve sex toys. Use coupon code FRIDAY at checkout to get… Read more »

01 November 2013 | no comments | Audio

Hats off, or in this case, wigs off, to Miley Cyrus for setting the Halloween costume bar high by paying homage to Lil’ Kim’s infamously sexy 1999 Video Music Awards ensemble. Miley Cyrus dressed as Lil Kim for a Halloween party Wednesday night (Oct. 30), complete with a lilac nipple pasty. Cyrus, who admitted to Billboard that not only is Lil’… Read more »

31 October 2013 | no comments | Blog

Have you ever had a crush at work? Ever tried having sex with your virgin co-worker? Listen how Bridgette made Henry experienced his first orgasm, his first sex, his first ecstasy.. Looking for a wild ecstasy like that? Well, head over to and enter offer code SASSYat the checkout to save 50% OFF. Plus enjoy FREE 3 Adult DVDs, FREE Mystery Gift and FREE… Read more »

30 October 2013 | no comments | Audio

It’s almost Halloween, the perfect time of the year. When else do you get to dress up as a fantasy and eat free candy ‘til your tummy aches! Although most of us will be celebrating on Wednesday night, Halloween could turn out to be a real scream! It’s time to take tricks and treats off the streets and into the… Read more »

29 October 2013 | no comments | Blog

The famous Jack Gary shared his very own college sex tips at! Check out his tips on how to please a woman and at the same time, how to get laid. After watching this video, you will definitely know how to make your college girlfriend horny and eventually, have sex with you. Jack Gary says that in order to make a woman… Read more »

28 October 2013 | no comments | Video

If you don’t know how to give oral sex to a man, there’s something you should worry about. Sex is important for every couple whether they’re married or in a relationship. This is the way of expressing how passionate you are with him and how you can satisfy his needs. So you should know the important ways how to give… Read more »

25 October 2013 | no comments | Blog