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If you’re having sex on bed with your partner, you might want some extra fun right? Watch this video and get excited why couple’s silicone stimulator is perfect for lovers out there. With a trio erotic pleasure features, we’re sure you can get the best foreplay that you are dreaming of. So go let your dreams become reality! Go to and enter… Read more »

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If you want your man to crave more in bed, you should understand first the truth about the male orgasm. Today, we are going to enumerate what are the facts about the best male orgasm.  They are efficient of climaxing without ejaculating any semen.  Men’s sperm had a speed of 28mph after a first ejaculation. Men have different kind of… Read more »

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Here’s another podcast story from Bored Housewives brought to you by Listen how Danny and Rita still spice up their marriage life and maintain positive sex lifestyle. You might going to wet as well on how Danny tease Rita, holding off his cock a few second in Rita’s pussy. While she’s trying to resist her pleasure by putting her… Read more »

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Many think that having sex during period is pretty gross. That’s why some people don’t admit that they’re doing it. But in some cases, like if you really want to have sex with your partner, would you go for period sex though its kinda messy sheets as you think? Since most of the women are having period sex problem. We list down the sexiest… Read more »

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Below are the true sex confessions you should listen. Reasons Why People Give Up Sex 15% give up sex and spend a week for iPhone FREE Some people who just want a better body than have regular sex Give up sleep for a good night’s sleep 20% of women would rather give up sex for a week than give up… Read more »

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Have You Ever Tried Blind Sex Date? Listen to Melanie’s first blind sex date with someone at the sex club. Thanks to her friend Jack, she experienced the best fuck she never had expected. You might be interested to know about how Melanie thanks Jack for getting laid marvelously. Looking for a great pleasure like that? Well, head over to… Read more »

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1.) Question You May Ask Before Contacting With Your Ex Before you do anything to get your ex back, ask yourself two important questions. First, do you truly feel that you love him — or are you just bored or tired of being single? Don’t make any connection again unless you’re really sure that you’re still into him. Second, was your past relationship… Read more »

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Have you ever experienced being fucked by someone you don’t even know the name and the best part of it is that it happened in a public place. Know the whole story and maybe you wanna try my thrilling sexcapade! Shop any of your favorite vibrators or even adult sex toys at and use special code FRIDAY at the… Read more »

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Want to divert his attention to you? We’ll gonna teach you how to get the hottest guy on campus and hooked up with them. No need to bring out farther, bring this new ideas and know what are the things that you should might do to turn his head without looking for any other girl other than you. Watch this… Read more »

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Valentine’s Day is a brimming holiday when it comes to deciding the right gift for your man. What you buy emulates how you see him and the relationship you have with him, so you want to get a valentine’s day gift for him that is something thoughtful, sweet, and perfect for your relationship with him. We know guys are notably tough to shop for, so… Read more »

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