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The Bachelorette is one of those shows that make you take a few steps back and look at your own life. Even though reality television is only a microscope of what really happens in real life and all the drama is purely for your entertainment – and not often real – we can still learn something from these shows. The… Read more »

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The so-called “eternal bachelor” Simon Cowell is going to be a dad! And guess what? The mother of this “soon-to-be famous baby” is actually the estranged wife of one of his closest friends.                                         Simon Cowell with Lauren Silvermann    … Read more »

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Crazy Sexual Things Are Fun To Try Doing some wild but weird sexual things can help you become sexually prepared. In fact,  it can give you a best luck in finding the right soul mate that’s sexually fit for you. This is about Penelopes article response to the – “The Sexual Bucket List-50 Things To Do Sexually Before You Die”…. Read more »

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Tips For Sex From Dr. Kat According to sex expert Dr. Kat, finding some erotic kits online can totally help you to practice sex confidence.  It is also the best way to go over the awkwardness  with your partner. Listen to these tips for sex from Dr. Kat and learn how to spice things up during sex with your dirty &… Read more »

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In this podcast, Rolanda tells about her hot work experience at a cigar bar. Listen in on how she meets JJ Grands, a white boy who turns her pussy wet and horny. Make your nights more hotter with Adam & Eve sex toys. Get them by entering Offer Code DIRTY50 at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item, plus 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a… Read more »

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There are many ways to get dirty with your partner and you can’t control it especially when you’re horny. Below is the list from Cosmopolitan revealing the 11 ways to have naughty sex. 1-The Kitchen Just Got Kinky Have him sit on a kitchen chair. Straddle the chair, facing away from him, and lower your body down. You can lean… Read more »

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Not Having a Sense of Smell The issue is that smell plays a huge role in how human beings communicate emotions to each other, with feelings like “nervousness” and “fear” being regularly transmitted through odors before they’re communicated with words or body language. Losing the ability to smell when your partner is turned on or even if they’re sexually compatible… Read more »

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In this video, Jack Gary is going to be talking about various tips on how to give outstanding anal fun with a woman and he’s going to introduce you to the best sex toy that can totally rock your lady in bed. Getting a woman to have anal fun is actually quite easy and doesn’t take that much effort —… Read more »

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  Your sex life is in your hands, experimenting and practice makes you a better lover. This story reminds us that improving your skills can be really way hot. Listen to how this threesome deep throating unexpected event turns educational to Zoe yet sexually interesting. Add a little adventure back into your life! Go to and enjoy 50% OFF  almost… Read more »

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This article from Cosmopolitan gives you some tips on how to spice things up in giving your man’s special gift on his birthday. You don’t need to be stress or get confuse what’s the best gift for him, how about giving him a special birthday sex surprise? I’m sure he wants you seeing naked anyway. 1. Make it all about… Read more »

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