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Morning sex is the best way to break routine sex. What more can you ask for than waking up in the morning fresh and ready to have sex in the morning. Thanks to Cosmo, for sharing this awesome article about some reasons you should be having a lot more morning sex and why it’s better than routine sex. Because, seriously… Read more »

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It’s not always that you get to watch a rabbit vibrator video that will not only guide you in buying only the best rabbit vibrator in the market, but will give you the best deals. Now, checkout the rabbit vibrator video below, watch until the end, and learn how to get the best out of your favorite sex toys. Deluxe… Read more »

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Car sex is indeed way pleasurable and adventurous than regular sex. However, there are things to consider in having sex in a car. Check them out below and experience the best yet the safest car sex ever. Leather Seats She thought rug burns were bad? Leather burns are the worst. Put a towel down. If you don’t have one, you… Read more »

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Meet the hot and sexy actress and director Sasha Snow and learn some great tips on guys shaving pubes for girls. Should men shave their pubes? For Sasha “YES” as most women tend to like men who retain less pubic hair – leaving less hair on the chest, legs, and on the genital area. Enjoy men and sex more with… Read more »

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Your friday will never be the same again after listening to this hot and sexy story about a sexual encounter between a hot policewoman and a wayward surfer. Exceptionally sexy and hot policewoman pulled over a wayward surfer on the road. Instead of paying the fine, he ended up satisfying the policewoman’s sexual urges. Get 50% OFF on any of… Read more »

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How awesome it is to get some awesome sex tips from our favorite celebrities. Thanks to cosmo for sharing some freaky sex tips from R. Kelly’s Songs. Check them out below! “You remind me of my Jeep, I wanna ride it/Something like my sound, I wanna pump it/Girl you look just like my cars, I wanna wax it.” Toss off… Read more »

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Another hot and sexy story from our friends from Listen and enjoy as the hot and sexy chick shares her experience of having masturbation and sex for the first time. If you’re looking to masturbate for the first time or your first time to have sex, then this story is for you. Get 50% OFF plus 3 FREE Sexy… Read more »

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I’m just so amazed of what’s new with Miley Cyrus Music right now. Just so surprising how her genre was suddenly turned country to pop. We were stunned seeing the twerking Miley Cyrus on MTV VMA and now, her wrecking ball video even amazed everyone. The Wrecking Ball Song by Miley Cyrus is definitely the song I would never get… Read more »

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So, what if you just broke up with boyfriend? Breaking up doesn’t mean its the end of world. Getting over a break up is indeed difficult but there are ways to survive this situation. How to handle a break up? You can either take a vacation, do something creative or amusing or, you can have sex with someone else. In… Read more »

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To spice up their marriage and keep it sexy, she prepared a special surprise for her husband Tyler. This surprise is kinda erotic fun and new to them which brings their marriage life fresh and naughty. Tune in how Tyler’s wife tease his husband’s clit and how Tyler moan with pleasure and agony. You might wanna try that to your husband… Read more »

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