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It’s a great pleasure for a man to please a woman in bed. We love it and appreciate the care but we need something more that can totally satisfy us. Visit thefrisky and learn 10 things men forget to do during sex! 1. The clitoris is right there. Yes, right there. Not over here, not down there, not off to… Read more »

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It’s Friday Night Erotic Tales again. Listen how Nathalie seduces the plumber by her irresistible body and perfect ass. Could the handy man resist the temptation or will he just give it up and give Nathalie a lesson? Find out at the end of this podcast and you might get the perfect treat. Read more Friday Night Erotic podcast stories… Read more »

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According to FOX21 News Survey, over 50 percent of people have gotten busy with a colleague. Sound convincing? Before it happens to you, read this following article from Cosmopolitan and find out the do’s and don’ts after doing the dirty with someone from work. 1. Do: Choose Your Office Sex Buddy Wisely Before jumping into bed with that hottie in… Read more »

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Watch this video from one of my girls telling how this max result pump can give you total satisfaction but less effort. This incredible sex toy can help you stimulate your prostate anally and encourages erection by increasing blow flow, giving you greater ease than other pumps. Kick back and get the super suction you deserve by entering the offer… Read more »

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Listen to this exciting talk about Katy Perry with her boobs up on her neck. Dr. Kat and Ross made a very fine judgement of it and they have also something to share with you that you will really love. Listen to the whole story and be amaze by the offer you will get at the end of this podcast…. Read more »

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Hi Guys! It’s been a long time since I posted some of my favorite sex toys here in my blog. There are lots of new stuff at that I want you to checkout. These sex tools assures 100% pleasure and you can get them at HALF OFF when you use my code PENELOPE at the checkout. Checkout some of… Read more »

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If you want to attract a guy, you want to be so feminine. Wear pink, get a long hair and just be yourself. Watch the whole video to get more tips on “How to Attract Men” and be attracted in the right way. Get more exciting feminine sex toys at Just enter offer code COED at the checkout to… Read more »

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Listen up girls! You’ll be interested with these tips from YourTango telling how women can be of help to men. Making love with your man regularly can give him a lot of benefits. So, let him read this! Below are the following benefits and it will walk you through to a healthy lifestyle! 1. Keeps His Ticker Strong You already… Read more »

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Have you ever had a crush on one of your co-workers? You know, the reason you can’t wait to work. Listen to this erotic tales about a virgin male IT confronts his ultimate fantasy workmate. Well, you’ll be surprised how things turned out. Listen to the full story of Sassy’s Erotic Tales and get your wildest imagination work! Experience great… Read more »

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Listen up to this sexy and hot story of a couple who got bored at a party and did some little magic in the basement to spice up the night… Make your nights more hotter with Adam & Eve sex toys. Get them by entering Offer Code WIFE at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY… Read more »

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