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Based on the survey, 52% of women avoid having sex. They get bored getting over and over again. Don’t let it happen to you! Listen how Leslie surprises her husband on his birthday, giving him a note card that will definitely spice up their diminished sex life. So go to and don’t forget to enter offer code WIFE at the… Read more »

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Read this article from Huffingtonpost and figure out what’s the embarrassing things most people want to know during and after sex. 1. Could I have accidentally peed the bed during sex? If the condom is intact and you’ve ruled out the possibility that the wet spot came from him, take a discreet sniff. Does the wet spot smell like urine?… Read more »

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Are you looking for something that a guy can use to rock in the bedroom? Why don’t you try Beginner’s Power Pump , it can make your erection bigger and stronger. You can also use this pump as a masturbator, just crab some lube and slide your cock inner – it feels great. Another sex toy is the Super Stretch Tickler… Read more »

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He likes you, you like him, this seems to be perfect for new couples out there. However, you still need to avoid these 11 awkward sex moments written by essence blog. 1. You Say Something You Shouldn’t To avoid saying something you’ll probably regret, make a conscious effort to relax and clear your mind before it’s time. If you’re thinking… Read more »

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Get ready to hear this week’s wild fuck fest episode of Down ‘n’ Dirty Naughty Tales brought to you by Listen to this wild confession, how she eagerly wants to fuck her ex boyfriend in the elevator. Thus, giving her a great hot sexcapade. Take advantage of this promo “DIRTY50” to save 50% OFF on almost ANY single item at Adam… Read more »

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Being busy can really affect your sex life especially if you have a partner needing your affection. However, you can still find a way to keep your sex lifestyle adventurous. Listen to this story how Tony please her wife  by doing daring public sex despite of many people. Keep tuning in to another Housewives hot erotic story brought you by Adam… Read more »

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This article from YourTango helps you learn some techniques on how to achieve incredible orgasm everyone’s looking for. If you properly follow this right clitoral stimulation technique, I’m sure it will give you a body-shaking orgasms. Get Comfortable, Really Comfortable – The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are comfortable before trying these clitoris stimulation techniques. If you… Read more »

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Get a legendary total satisfaction with Adonis Penis Extension. It has a clear sleeve that adds extra girth and outer pleasure points our customers have been clamoring for. If you or your partner have ever wanted to experience the fantasy of sex with a larger, girthier cock, Adonis Extension is just the sex toy to add to your collection. Forget the… Read more »

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Having sex with your partner is fun and exciting thus giving you the most memorable sexual experience. For most of us, our experiences aren’t soon forgotten. Read the article from YourTango listing the best places to have sex with your lover. 1. The Bedroom! Unsurprisingly, the #1 place readers reported having had the best sex was none other than their very own bedrooms…. Read more »

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