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Who needs a man, anyway? Masturbating should always be a fun and pleasurable experience, ending in a body-shaking, quivering goodness. That’s why I want to give you these incredible techniques from Yourtango on how to bring yourself to orgasm. Now some of these techniques may be a bit extreme for you, but I really hope that you will at least… Read more »

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Looking for something hot, steamy, and sexy? Have a steamy night as you listen to this hot story about teenage girls that got bi-curious about what they saw in the movie.. Then they discovered something that they never expected…  Make your nights more hotter with Adam & Eve sex toys. Get them by entering Offer Code DIRTY50 at the checkout at to… Read more »

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If you want ultimate stimulation on both your vagina and clitoris, then Wascally Wabbit Vibrator is the best sex toy for you. Made to give you total g-spot stimulation, this awesome toy will surely give you utmost pleasure anytime. Very easy to use, affordable but assures greater stimulation. Get your own Wascally Wabbit Vibrator using Offer Code MOAN341 at the… Read more »

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You can actually have sexier sex using your iPhone. How? Checkout the following tips from The Stir on how useful iPhones can be, most especially on matters of sex. 1. Learn new positions No need to scour the sex section at your local bookstore. Snatch up an app, like Kamasutra Sex Positions, and you’ll get all sorts of interesting sex… Read more »

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Harlem Shake is claimed to be the most popular dance today. How to do the harlem shake video? Checkout some tips from a hot and sexy coed Jenny in this video. Use Offer Code COED at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY items plus 3 FREE Sexy DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Shipping on… Read more »

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Who would not love boob sex? There are ways to caress, play with and have sex with your boobies. Cosmo recently published some tips from Olivia St. Claire, author of Naughty or Nice Deck, on how to make out with your boobs that most erotic and sexy way. Check them out below! Spice Girl Dab a little cinnamon leaf oil… Read more »

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Another awesome episode from Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and her gay BF. Learn how to achieve intercourse orgasm, the essence of the scent of a woman, how sex drive affects divorce and some tips for guys on how to have sex multiple times in a row. Get 50% OFF on almost any ITEM plus 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a… Read more »

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Jack Gary’s girl reviews one of the most awesome cock ring in Adam & Eve – The Lover’s Delight Nubby Cock Ring. Made from a strong waterproof material, this wonderful sex toy is compatible with any kind of lubes and assures intense orgasm and clit stimulation. Buy Lover’s Delight Nubby at by using Offer JACK at the checkout to… Read more »

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For a lot of people, sex is mainly for pleasure. But in reality, sex is good for you as it provides various health benefits – the best pain reliever, best cure on some ailments and can even make you feel and look younger. Hence, beyond pleasure, you have plenty of reasons to have sex. Checkout the health benefits of sex… Read more »

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Checkout this hot and sexy story about a surfer, who after being pulled over due to speeding, had a pleasurable time with a gorgeous hot woman. Enjoy this story more with your favorite Adam & Eve toys. Get them by using offer code FRIDAY at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item, plus 3 FREE… Read more »

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