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Do you fantasize having a sexual encounter with the same sex? Do you have recurring arousal with someone of the same gender? None of these things can even prove you are actually gay. If you’re with a partner of opposite sex but still have continuous urge to be with someone of the same sex, you should talk this out with… Read more »

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Troubled with your small penis? Want to give your partner the best sex experience even if you have a cute tiny weenie down there? There are various sex positions that assures you great sexual performance, even if you have small penis. It is best that before the actual entrance, foreplay and clitoral stimulation should be done so to arouse her… Read more »

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Want to know the five rules in sex and dating? Checkout this video from College Girls Know How and learn how to steal somebody’s boyfriend and some awesome rules in sex hot girls are dying to know. Make sex and dating more awesome with Adam & Eve sex toys. Use Offer Code COED at the checkout at to get… Read more »

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You don’t really need kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. There are common activities we do daily that without us knowing, gives us surprising benefits than doing kegels. Laura Scheufele, board-certified clinical specialist in women’s health physical therapy at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, was featured at a Cosmo blog recently saying that you’re already strengthening your pelvic floor—without… Read more »

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Another hot and erotic story from Lara Ryan’s Sultry Stories. Check out Lara’s sexcapade as her Harley ride turned into an awesome sex adventure. Listen to this sexy story while playing with your sex toys. Get the finest sex toys at using Offer Code LARA at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus… Read more »

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Make your Friday hot and sexy with this arousing episode of Friday’s Erotic Stories. Checkout the couple spicing up their relationship after realizing they’ve grown tired of each other in the past few months. Keep your sex toys handy while listening to this hot erotic story. Use Offer Code FRIDAY at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on… Read more »

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So you’re paying lots of money for a hotel room to get away from your usual pad and routine in your own home. To make the most out of your hotel room expenses, would it be better to have some awesome hotel sex? Below are some tips from The Frisky on how to get the most bang for your buck… Read more »

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When you ought to experience the ultimate pocket pussy that can make you feel like the real thing, then Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy is the ideal sex toy for you. Moulded from the folds of the hottest adult star Sasha Grey, this ultra hot cream pie squeezes your dick and gives you gentle suction on every thrust, giving… Read more »

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Who needs a man when you know how to pleasure yourself. Checkout the awesome masturbation techniques for women from YourTango and experience the best masturbation ever. The “Barely There” Technique This is by far the simplest technique — and it’s all in the flick of a finger. To get set up, you need to lie down on your back and… Read more »

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Check out one of Jack Gary’s girls as she reviews the amazing Lover’s Delight Cock Ring. This awesome sex toy is made of waterproof durable material, fit on any silicone of water based lubes. Grab your own Lover’s Delight Nubby Cock Ring now for an intense orgasm and best clitoral stimulation. Don’t forget to use the Offer Code JACK at… Read more »

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