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Listen this very erotic story of a woman with this partner Doug and Gina made it through orgasm as they please each one another. This is the greatest pleasure you’ll ever get with another person, considering your partner is also involve with the action. Watch the whole full podcast with alluring and sensational threesome sex story from Sassy. Checkout Sassy’s Erotic Story… Read more »

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Lift your sex senses as you hear this next hot sex story. Our story teller meets Thomas, a cop from Narcotics Division, who’s gonna tell us their hot sex experience in the wilds as they took a hike in the cold mountains and made love in the old cabin. Go to and enter Offer Code FRIDAY at the checkout… Read more »

11 March 2013 | no comments | Audio

Listen what Dr. Kat and his gay boyfriend Ross has to say about today’s porn and old porn. In today’s current status, who pays for porn? I mean, there’s a lot of free porn out there than before. Listen carefully the whole podcast for a full details about this hot issue. Go to and enter Offer Code DRKAT at… Read more »

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Hey guys! Want to know some tips to have a hotter, better phone sex with a woman? Checkout Men’s Health News as they feature some great tips from Gloria Brame, Ph.D., a sex therapist and the author of Come Hither: A Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex. Let Her Complain When it comes to roping her in for a romp, the same rules… Read more »

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Hey girls, i have a secret that you will all love. Checkout this new bestfriend i have, the “Make Me Cum Clit Sensitize”. It has all the good stuff you want for the best orgasm experience. Its special agents in the cream work by targeting your nerves, increasing sensitivity that even a slightness touch feels so erotic. Just imagine the… Read more »

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Want to know how you and your partner can achieve double orgasm together? Checkout some of the hottest tips from Cosmo and experience having an orgasm together with your partner. Create Some Friction Since most women tend to come more slowly than men do, use strategic foreplay techniques to bring you closer to the brink. Any sensation that involves rubbing… Read more »

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You know what happens to girls who steal things don’t you? Listen to this very wild erotic podcast as Amy lusciously fucked by the Store owner right after stealing some chips. A lonely night went wild with the help of a cold luscious ice cream and some hot sex styles you won’t ever gonna forget. Getting wild on our hot… Read more »

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Checkout Dr. Kat and learn some facts about swinger’s clubs and how to start swinging to to spice up your relationship. Spicing up your relationship has never been fun with Adam & Eve sex toys. Use Offer Code TIPS at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY ITEM, 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift,… Read more »

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Want your guy to learn more means in pleasuring you? Want him to give you the best tongue action to make you cum more intensely? Cosmopolitan has the best ways to make him better in oral sex. Check them out below and savor the best oral sex from your guy. Try Fore-Foreplay Oral often gets bundled along with kissing and… Read more »

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Another hot sex story from Lara Ryan Sultry Stories.  Checkout when Lara was caught spending too much money on shopping , and has to pay up his partner Max with an erotic night both will never forget. Don’t forget to use Offer Code LARA at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY ITEM plus 3 FREE… Read more »

27 February 2013 | no comments | Audio