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With Steak and Blowjob Day now behind us, we can get back to focusing on the oral sex pleasure with sexy coeds! Lots of ladies, delight in have their lover gone down on them. But what happens when your man is a bit shy? What if your boyfriend has never performed oral sex before? What if he’s bad at it?… Read more »

31 March 2014 | no comments | Blog

An exciting episode from Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and her lone ranger Ross, all about orgasm… Men orgasm almost three times more than women. Does women fake orgasm? Maybe there is some faking going on but there’s more reason to have sex than just the orgasm.. According to the Direct Sexual Well Being Global survey, 84% of men in… Read more »

28 March 2014 | no comments | Audio

Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Well, start your own bondage dungeon! Loaded with bondage essentials, this kit is ideal for couples who want to jump right into all the kinky fun! The Rocks-Off Slap & Tickle Beginner’s S&M Kit includes a bullet vibrator, restraints, riding crop, feather tickler and a blindfold. Get kinky with Rocks-Off Slap… Read more »

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Looking for a high-powered women’s vibrator that stimulates your clit, G-spot and vajayjay all at once? Look no further! Check out this video brought to you by Adam & Eve and discover the new and improved version of the popular Jack Rabbit Vibrator! Adam and Eve’s Jack Rabbit vibrator is better than ever! This new version of the popular women’s… Read more »

24 March 2014 | no comments | Video

Give yourself stronger orgasms & a tighter vajayjay! Check out this video from Adam & Eve, featuring the Crystal Kegel Glass Dildo..   Enhance your sexual pleasure and your partners with this new glass dildo that makes doing Kegel exercises fun as well as rewarding! Get this glass dildo at 50% OFF when you enter coupon code MOAN193 at… Read more »

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Stretchy Straps Boost Your Breasts! Show off your best asset with special binding straps that suck your tummy in and make your breasts stand out! Get this hot Binding Love Babydoll at 50% OFF when you enter coupon code PENELOPE at checkout! Plus get 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift and FREE Shipping on your entire order!… Read more »

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Hey there bored housewives! This hot and sexy story is for you, at least to lessen your boredom.. One night, a couple is enjoying their quiet intimacy while watching a romantic movie.. They shared a passionate kiss and had sex in the shower..  Listen carefully on how they intimately blow their orgasm away.. Spice things up with your partner! Use… Read more »

17 March 2014 | no comments | Audio

Sasha Snow co-hosting professor Hans Von Puppet on the After Dark Show.. Professor Hans and Sasha are going to take up the topic of casual sex.. Women often get laid down by men who engaged them in an intellectual and humorous fashion. It seems like there is an internal connection between sex and how women are intellectually stimulated. Women in… Read more »

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Listen to Down ‘n’ Dirty wild sex stories confession about a group sex story.. Enjoy while listening to this hot story as 3 friends enjoyed a 3-way sex.. Enjoy this erotic story with your favorite sex toys. Get them at using coupon code DIRTY50 at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs,… Read more »

12 March 2014 | no comments | Audio

Check out Dr. Kat and her amazing sex tips.. Dare to have sex in public? Sex expert Dr. Kat, suggests places where you can have an outdoor sex.   Spice up your sex life! Use coupon code TIPS at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift and FREE Shipping… Read more »

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