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Another boring night. Plus, I lost my internet connection for hours which compelled me to take quizzes again in cosmo. Ugh! What’s good about today though is I was finally able to have a short conversation with my coworkers while we were on break. They asked me about how I got here in Las Vegas, how’s my life way back… Read more »

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I’ve been following Bree Olson’s videos on Youtube and I could really say that I’m her certified #1 fan! On this latest episode, adult superstar Bree Olson is clowning around on the set of her newest movies. Don’t forget to subscribe and enter source offer code CLIPS at for 50% off almost ANY item.

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All I could really think about now is home. I miss my mom and dad so much. I miss my sibling and friends. i miss our neighbors and our home. It’s probably because Christmas is fast approaching and I’m still not really sure if I can go home. I’m still waiting for my first paycheck and I know that it… Read more »

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It’s so funny when the voice over said “Act now before you’re pregnancy is over” hahaha! I’m not affiliated to this by any chance, but I just want to share it. This is Roxy Fedaro a.k.a Christina Applegate in her newest DVD for pregnant expecting mothers. Whether you want to work the pole like a bad girl or drop it… Read more »

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I wasn’t able to blog yesterday and the day before because all I really did was sleep. I haven’t gotten so much sleep for the whole week last week because of my new job. I’m still enjoying my job but it gets boring so I’m hoping I get this new position which is what I really applied for in the… Read more »

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This Friday night fun is getting hotter week after week! In this episode, Leah and her wealthy husband are about to attend a party thrown in his honour when, at the last moment, he canceles to attend an important business meeting. Again… Don’t forget to subscribe and use source coupon code FRIDAY at for 50% off almost ANY item.

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The new guy that I was talking about in this blog is still contacting me. We haven’t dated for more than a week and we have only seen each other again last Monday when he picked me up at work. It was the first day of my job and I was too tired for a talk so I said maybe… Read more »

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I really know myself well enough to know that I’m not a super bad girl. But bored on this Friday evening, I took a quiz: Are you enough of a bad girl? Well, where else could we find that but in Cosmo. And the result I got is: Naughty when necessary. You maintain a pretty good balance of sugar and… Read more »

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Dr. Kat and his gay boyfriend Ross talked about the gifts that you can give to your partner or to yourself this Christmas! Listen to this latest Sex Chat with Dr. Kat episode and find out more about their sponsor They recommended their favorite toys that will surely give pleasure to your partner and to you. These toys were… Read more »

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This is my friend Brandy. Don’t worry, I have all her permission to do this, lol. She thinks that she’s not sexy and beautiful enough. But I really think that she’s sexy and beautiful inside and out! I think she just lacks confidence. Brandy is about 2 years younger than me but when we were still kids, I always thought… Read more »

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Then call my toll-free number at (213) 784-9600 please! It’s kind of boring tonight. If you have any sex experience that you’re hiding, don’t hesitate to share it with me. There are no restrictions and no secret that is too sexy. It’s even really up to you if you want to share your name or not. Isn’t it intriguing to… Read more »

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Today is World AIDS day and I would always remember all December 1st in my whole life. It is because one of my closest friends is HIV positive. I was one of the people that she talked about it and I could remember how we just cried and could never utter any words at that moment. My other friend and… Read more »

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Did you put any of your dirty secrets in your diary? I did! And I think most of you, too! But diary is meant to be kept, but not Bree Olson’s, lol! Adult superstar Bree Olson shares a page from her journal as she takes her fans behind the scenes of “Bree Dirty Diary”. Use source coupon offer code CLIPS… Read more »

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Lol, probably a lot of you have already seen this funny video but I still want to share it! I love watching videos whenever I’m bored or just want to relax and this is what I found. I would have the same idea as Eva’s if I got a sex tape haha! She’s one of the sexiest women I’ve ever… Read more »

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So far so good. I think that’s the best way to describe my first day at work. It’s my third full time job in my life and I would like to think that I’m going to stay here longer. The people at work are different than the people in my hometown in Georgia but I’m getting to like them! I… Read more »

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It’s already episode 18! And I’ve been following each episodes every Friday. Seven years into a marriage one’s sex life can become pretty boring even if you have a sharp and creative mind. After years of boredom, Tom is about to receive the present of his life from his wife. Don’t forget to subscribe and use source coupon code FRIDAY… Read more »

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It’s so fun calling man’s organ chief of staff, cupid’s arrow, daddy long stroke, hanging chad, joystick, mangina, and a lot more! But men do that to us too. How do you call your boobs? Or were your privates called any names? Haha! 99 words for boobs – watch more funny videos

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Do you have any secrets that you would like to share with me? Call me at (213) 784-9600! Please call me before I start my job on Monday, please?! I’m available today and weekends. I’m maybe just bored but I just want to hear you talk! I like listening to stories, whether it’s about your dirtiest secret or your most… Read more »

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This is Dr. Kat again, a Clinical Sexologist and Marriage and Family Therapist. Call her at (213)270 1968. Please visit their sponsor and get 50% off in any item, free mystery gifts and shipping when you use the code DRKAT. It’s the best website to go to if you’re looking for a holiday gift for your partner! Listen to… Read more »

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There are a lot of things that I want to thank for this year. Thanks a lot to my family for being there all the time whenever I need them. They were there with my ups and downs. They trusted me even if I fall short of being their daughter. I feel a bit emotional right now because it’s the… Read more »

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