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The World-Famous Butterfly Is Now Completely Hands-Free! Enjoy the freedom of movement as the Wireless Venus Butterfly throbs your clit, vaginal lips and pubic mound towards a body-quaking orgasm! Soft, adjustable waist and thigh straps keep it in place! Perfect for solo evenings or couples fun!   Get it now for 50% OFF when you enter coupon code MOAN21 at… Read more »

19 February 2014 | no comments | Video

Here’s another hot erotic podcast story from Bored Housewives brought to you by A boring party turned into a hot and steamy night. Listen how the couple spice up their sex life.. You might wanna try that and use some fun toys to add more thrill! Don’t forget to use coupon code WIFE at checkout to get 50% OFF… Read more »

17 February 2014 | no comments | Audio

When you are a college girl you can’t really rely on daddy’s money for the whole four years. Sometimes you have to stop being so lazy and get a job. There are a number of jobs that you can do so that you don’t have to work in an office or punch a time card, but still get paid. As college girls,… Read more »

14 February 2014 | no comments | Blog

Wanna get down and dirty? Here’s another hot podcast brought to you by your friends from Adam & Eve.. Make your sexy nights alive as you listen to this hot story about a sexy hot chick who is looking for an apartment and had an erotic, wild scene with the apartment manager.. Don’t forget to use coupon code DIRTY50 at… Read more »

12 February 2014 | no comments | Audio

If you want to get her some Valentine’s Day flowers this February, but you want to make it creative, we have a few suggestions for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you. You could just easily find a place that sells same day delivery flowers, but what does that say about you? If you want your personality to shine through your bouquet… Read more »

10 February 2014 | no comments | Video

Lift your sex senses as you hear this next hot sex story from our friends from Catherine was awaken in the middle of the night by the call of her gym partner Andrea. Andrea can barely catch her breath while trying to tell her this amazing and erotic story.. Don’t forget to use coupon code FRIDAY at checkout… Read more »

07 February 2014 | no comments | Audio

If you don’t want to break the bank this Valentine’s Day, there is still plenty of hot and exciting Valentine’s Day gift and date ideas that will spice things up and make Valentine’s Day night a night of passion and not money-spending. And lucky for you people on a budget, Adam and Eve have a really exciting offer for you…. Read more »

05 February 2014 | no comments | Video

Your Friday will never be the same again after listening to this hot and sexy story about a sexual encounter between a hot policewoman and a wayward surfer.. A hot and sexy policewoman pulled over a wayward surfer on the road. Instead of paying the fine, he satisfied the policewoman’s sexual thirst.. Get 50% OFF on ANY of your favorite… Read more »

03 February 2014 | no comments | Audio

Samantha talks about how to have great college sex in your college dorm room and how to have fun using the Go Go Vibrating Ring with your partner.  The Go Go Vibrating Ring is the best cock ring that Samantha personally recommends – college cock ring. It’s made out of long-lasting silicone and fun bubble ring design with an embedded single-speed vibrating… Read more »

31 January 2014 | no comments | Video

Rev Up Your Oral With Tongue-Tingling Vibration! Become a ‘Cunning Linguist!’ Add a boost of sensation and vibration and make oral sex effortless with this tongue-mounted vibrator! A grippy form-fitting ring keeps the tongue vibrator comfortably in place while pleasure nubs rub your partner the right way! Just hit the easy on-off button and get their hips shaking as you… Read more »

29 January 2014 | no comments | Video