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In today’s episode of Daily Sex Tips From Dr. Kat, she will be talking about personal hygiene tips for women.  Find a great and natural,  non – irritating soap to avoid infection. Know how to keep your vagina clean and fresh without getting infections. Have a good hygiene habits! And right now, at, just enter coupon code TIPS at checkout… Read more »

27 November 2013 | no comments | Video

“I pull hard against my restraints and the bed creaks ominously, but I don’t care –– I’m burning with desire, it’s consuming me. I flush under his stare, and my pulse quickens.” Turn erotic fiction into erotic fact –– in the privacy of your own bedroom. Inspired by the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey novels of author E.L. James, this… Read more »

25 November 2013 | no comments | Video

Vibrating “Kiss” For Your Clit and Nipples! Small but mighty, this vibrating bullet powered sex toy offers lots of power and variety in a compact package that’s perfect for satisfaction anytime. The vibrator’s easy to use handheld remote control has two arrow keys that allow the user to cycle through low, medium, and high speeds, three pulsation patterns, and an erotic… Read more »

22 November 2013 | no comments | Video

Hey there bored housewives! Listen to this another hot podcast episode brought to you by Adam & Eve. Two strangers shared a sex adventure and a hot scene  in a subway. Don’t miss this out! Listen until the end of the podcast to get an amazing offer. Well, a lot of things can happen on a crowded subway. Make sure to… Read more »

20 November 2013 | no comments | Audio

Sit back and relax with another hot sex podcast episode from Lara Ryan’s Sultry Stories. Listen on this erotic cruise ship encounter, when Lara got bored and got laid with a good looking college guy. You don’t want to miss out the wild and hot scenes.. Listen to the full podcast and be surprised and horny with our amazing offer…. Read more »

18 November 2013 | no comments | Audio

Want to know how to satisfy a woman more incredibly? Wondering how to pleasure her? Watch this video until the end to find out the best ways to pleasure her and learn how to grab a very special treat from your friends at  The best way to pleasure your woman is through sex toys. Pleasure her in bed in… Read more »

15 November 2013 | no comments | Video

No one knows you’re enjoying the subtle to great arousing pleasure of Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls! Gently pop them into the vagina and hold them in by flexing your kegel muscles for a wild workout! The funny thing is, no one knows you’re wearing Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls! Start by wearing them at home while relaxing or doing small chores…. Read more »

13 November 2013 | no comments | Video

Penelope Lombard co-hosting Professor Hans von Puppet on the After Dark Show. Penelope Lombard is a stand-up comedian and at the same time an essay writer. This week Professor Hans and Penelope are going to take up the topic on losing virginity and hymens. The hymen is intact when a lady is still a virgin but if not then it’s… Read more »

11 November 2013 | no comments | Video

An exciting episode from Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and her lone ranger Ross. Learn how to cure morning sickness, to achieve orgasm and some tips to get a sex drive. Spice things up by going to and just enter coupon code DRKAT at the checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs,… Read more »

07 November 2013 | no comments | Audio

Listen to this wild and erotic story about the cowgirl and five stallions.. She was born to ride, so she proved that she could keep up with the stallions.. This story of orgy is extremely hot. Plus, there’s a special offer for you at the end of this podcast, so listen until the end.. Get 50% OFF on almost ANY… Read more »

06 November 2013 | no comments | Audio