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There are things you should consider in dating multiple partners.   Check out this video and learn from Professor Puppet’s sexy secretary Penny on some effective dating multiple partners tips…   Don’t forget to use Offer Code HANS at the checkout at to get 50% DISCOUNT on almost ANY ITEM, 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Discreet Shipping… Read more »

23 July 2014 | no comments | Video

To have the perfect sex, men should observe perfect timing.  Getting to know your partner better and having sex at the right time, place and mood will absolutely give you perfect pleasure. Learn more from our Clinical Sexologist Dr. Kat Van Kirk… Enter Offer Code TIPS at the checkout at when you purchase your favorite sex toys.  Entering the Offer Code… Read more »

21 July 2014 | no comments | Video

Check out this hot video from one of our sexiest college girl Emily. After a wild college party night, you’ll wake up the next day haggard, with terrible looking eyes and pale skin. No college guy is going to be attracted to that; that’s why Emily decided to put her own blog so she can help you take care of yourself the… Read more »

11 July 2014 | no comments | Video

If you had missed Professor Puppet, then he is back to answer your questions. In today’s episode, Professor Puppet explains the reason why his girlfriend remains still, even when touched in all the right places…   Don’t forget to use coupon code HANS at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a… Read more »

04 July 2014 | no comments | Video

Dr. Kat Van Kirk a Certified Clinical Sexologist, Marriage, and Family Therapist presents to you The Adam and Eve’s Silicon G-Luxe Vibrator Review. Go so deliciously deep and deep with Adam & Eve’s Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray!   Adam & Eve’s Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray is a maximum strength control and enhancement spray. All you have to do… Read more »

27 June 2014 | no comments | Video