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11 Ways to Have Naughty Sex

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There are many ways to get dirty with your partner and you can’t control it especially when you’re horny. Below is the list from Cosmopolitan revealing the 11 ways to have naughty sex.

1-The Kitchen Just Got Kinky
Have him sit on a kitchen chair. Straddle the chair, facing away from him, and lower your body down. You can lean forward slightly and put your hands on the kitchen table to help lift your pelvis up and down during this reverse cowgirl variation. Naughty bonus: First bind him to the chair by winding a few layers of plastic wrap around his chest and the back of the chair.

To Have Naughty Sex
2-Orgasmify the Office

Sex on the floor is hot because it feels primal. So get your man on the ground, grab some tape from your desk, and use it to attach his wrists to the desk legs for a little kinky-lite bondage action.

3-Do It on the Deck
A chaise lounge is the perfect sex-cessory because it’s narrow enough to straddle. Put it in a semi-reclined position, have him lie down on it on his back, and then lower your body onto his. It’s a cool twist on cowgirl since you’re standing, plus he can get a better view of you with his head raised. Lean your hands against the back for support, and if your thighs start burning, kneel on the seat with his legs between yours. (Save this one for when no one’s around, or wear a skirt so the neighbors can’t see what you’re doing.)

4-Get Dirty in the Dining Room
Sit with your butt on the edge of the table and have him stand in front of you. Lean back on your elbows and stretch out your feet so they brace the wall, with him between your legs. (Move the table closer to the wall if necessary.) Push against the wall to move your pelvis back and forth or up and down.

5-Knock Boots in the Bathroom
Sit facing each other in the tub. Drape your thighs over his, snuggle close, and—using the sides of the tub for leverage—rock your hips all the way to O-town.

6-Lust Up the Living Room
Stand with your back against the back of an armchair or couch, rest your butt on the top of it, and have him stood in front of you. (He’ll probably have to bend his knees a little to enter you.) Hold his hands and lean backward so that your hips thrust up—this pelvic stretch yields extra sensation for you and a hot eyeful for him. For more intimacy, he can also pull your torso back up so your chest-to-chest.

7-Sex Up the Staircase
Kneel on the stairs with your hands resting a couple of steps above you or on the railing. He should kneel on the step below you and hold on to your hips so he can guide them back and forth in this naughty twist on doggie-style.

8-Lovin’ in the Laundry Room
Sit on the washer or dryer while it’s running. Have him stand in front of you (he’ll probably need to stand on a phone book or something to be the right height) and prop your legs over his shoulders. The hum of the dryer gives you a buzz and channels heat to your v-zone.

9-Get Frisky in a Window Frame
This position gives you an exhibitionist thrill—minus the risk of getting caught with your pants down. Stand a few feet back from an open the window, bend at the waist, and lean your arms on the ledge while your man enters you from behind.

10-Create Passion in the Pool
Standing sex is normally a tricky position—so take advantage of being weightless and try it when you’re in the water. Wrap your arms around his back and your legs around his hips, as he supports your butt with his hands.

11-Be Bad in the Bedroom
So we know this is your usual spot—but jazz it up by getting it on outside of your bed. If you have a low dresser with a mirror over it, lean forward across the top of dresser with him behind you, so you can watch yourselves get more and more turned on. Not your boudoir setup? Position yourselves on the carpet in front of a floor-length mirror for the same voyeuristic vibe.

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