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Penelope Pardee, 27 years old, living a sexy lifestyle. Raised in one of metro Atlanta’s largest suburbs, now living in Nevada and learning how to be Las Vegan.

Live, learn, and love. The three things that matters in her life. She’s here to indulge herself to big complexities. Overall, she’s very excited about living a new life in Las Vegas, learning from new mistakes, and loving the new people that comes her way.

She loves working with Adam and Eve and they help her realize her goals, and give her a commission every time you buy a product from them and use her name in the offer code box “PENELOPE”.

Help her out. She loves writing this blog but she needs to make something! Buy something at and use her offer code “PENELOPE”.

She loves to read and write emails. Rest assured that she reads your messages and she’ll write back as soon as she can. Feel free to contact her at penelopepardee at gmail dot com 🙂