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6 Ways To Win Your Ex- Boyfriend

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win your ex boyfriend,  getting him back, to get your ex back, relationship with him 1.) Question You May Ask Before Contacting With Your Ex

Before you do anything to get your ex back, ask yourself two important questions.

First, do you truly feel that you love him — or are you just bored or tired of being single? Don’t make any connection again unless you’re really sure that you’re still into him.

Second, was your past relationship with him healthy? It’s so easy to recall all the great things about a guy when your lonely  than to bring to mind the bad things he did – like how you fought all the time or how he treated you. Be honest  to yourself while doing the assessment of your past commitment to avoid going back to the situation you regretted once.

2.) If your answers to both questions is “yes”, go ahead and reach out..

The first time you reach out for your ex-boyfriend, observe the way he responds when you ask him how he is. If he just replies that he is fine or some close-ended statement, that is a “no” most probably. But, if it’s an interesting answer and a question back that is kinda different, that is a green for you-go for it win him back .

3. Always Ask If He’s Single Before Dating with Someone Else.

Check out his Facebook status if he posted that he is in a relationship or dating whatsoever. If it’s not stated you can check on the photos of his social networking account like Facebook or Twitter photos to see whether the same girl reappears in various cozy poses with him or simply ask about a common friend and slowly you can change the topic if he has a new relationship. Trustingly his relationship status will come up.

4. If everything seems good suggest for a meet up like having a coffee treat.

It’s neutral, it’s not showing too much on what your agenda is really all about so it’s not a big deal if his romantic feeling for you is not there anymore. Casually invite him for a coffee or tea or maybe a dinner to a place where you both have a romantically sweet memory.

5. During your first out, reminisce about the past the funny moment down to the sweetest moment of your relationship.

By doing that you can spark up the feelings you both had before, by then you start physical touch like touching your knees to his knees or tapping his arm. Notice if he pulls it away or relaxes to it or doing a response to it.

Before you give in, pause for a while.

Before you totally give in to your feelings, think of the reason why you broke up with him and check whether he is not doing it anymore or he does it more often so that you will not regret getting him back. Just think twice and trust your girl instinct.


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