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First Sex

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My boyfriend and I had our very first sex last night after dating for almost 3 months. It wasn’t as great, but I wasn’t disappointed either. I think it was because I was a bit bothered while doing it. I was thinking why this guy waited for too long to have sex with me. Is he religious? Gay? Or not clean? I don’t know. But what’s good though was he made me cum while he was down there.

It’s been months since the last time I had sex with my ex so probably that’s one of the reasons. I wasn’t in a hurry too coz my toys satisfied me. I haven’t shown him my best moves yet, lol. I was a bit uncomfortable but I know he was doing his best for us to be comfortable with this matter.

We’ll get there. But I’m happy that we already started our sex life. I hope it gets better or I’m going to find another man even if he’s really a hot guy, haha! I told my bestfriend about it and she said that probably it wasn’t the best time. And it’s normal to feel uncomfortable especially when we were already together for months and just had our first sex. She said that it’s like the first sex right after the wedding. Or maybe because we only had a little privacy when we did it at his apartment. His roommate was next door and I couldn’t moan as I’m used to, lol.

Yeah, we’ll be fine. We’ll see.

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