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How Can I Handle Big Penis

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Are you having trouble every time you do sex with someone who has big penis or you’re just too small woman to handle big penis?How Can I Handle Big Penis

If you do, you better need lubricant everytime you make love. Sometimes, it hurts and always been painful when he insert his dick to your vagina. So to play it safe, just ask your gyno to diagnose if you have some medical problems such as infection or cyst. But in some point, try to engage long foreplay, so you’re partner can really find you’re hot spots. Just make things slowly, try to beg him to please your clit by teasing and touching gently.

The reason why you are experiencing pain with your new partner was probably because it was your first time seeing “huge” dick and your first impression is, “I can’t handle that at all!” which may cause muscles and vagina’s discomfort. So the solution with that is he should give you a long foreplay before you intercourse with him.

When it comes to sex position, woman should drive her man so he can control the depth penetration. Missionary position is also great way to handle big penis and also don’t forget to use lubricant to keep things slick stuff.

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