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How Do I Heal My Broken Heart

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My heart was broken for countless of times already. The first one was when I was 13. It was a puppy love, I was young, but I was hurt so I still consider that as my first broken heart, lol. I was just too lucky that my mom was there to give me advice and help me move on. She even teases me about it every time a break up is brought up to our conversations. It was during our reunion that I last saw my first ex. He’s married now with 2 kids and we laughed about how corny we were back then because we gave back each other’s gifts.

I’m 25 now, turning 26 tomorrow and my last break up was a few weeks ago. Although there’s no easy way to heal a broken heart, I am proud to say that I get better every after breakup. It’s always true that experience is the best teacher. I could not deny that my ex in Georgia was partly a reason why I moved here in Vegas. I still think about him sometimes but I could say that I’ve completely moved on already and I just wish the best for both of us whether we’re together or not.

I’m not saying that you should follow the things I did to heal my broken heart. I just want you to know how I did it and that it really works.

Do not act reactively. The secret is to give ourselves time to heal. Let’s not forbid ourselves from expressing what we feel. Let all your emotions out by getting mad, crying all night, feeling sad, or whatever you want to express. But rather than reacting to what happened and releasing your emotions to your ex; initiating change for yourself is the best way. You can do this by not only blaming your ex about what happened and by being responsible about your mistakes too. And instead of looking back to the past, learn to look forward, forget, and forgive. This is always the first step and when you’re ready, you can proceed to the next and you’re not far away from telling ‘I already moved on’.

Believe that breakup is a learning experience. You should stop thinking about ‘what might have been’, ‘what could have been’ if this or that is what you did because it’s already done! Things happened for a reason and there is surely a different person who’s right for you and it’s obviously not your ex in most cases. Just take the lesson that you have learned from the experience and know how you can improve with your future relationships.

Start over. This doesn’t mean that you should get a relationship right away to be able to move on thoroughly. Usually what happens when you do that is you look for the personalities of your ex on your current one because you still chase the past, or you keep on bringing out your new partner’s mistakes and flaws, or you keep comparing him/her to your ex—which eventually, will lead to a break up.

Start over by rebuilding your life. Accept the things that happened and do the things that you want to do. Remember that the world doesn’t just revolve for you and your ex but for everyone! Make more relationships by reaching out to your friends and family. And finally, know what makes you truly happy and there’s no doubt that your heart will be completely healed.

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