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It’s not what it seem…

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The other day, I was taking an early morning jog in the park when I saw two college girls walking hand-in-hand.  Both petite and looks sweet, I was astonished seeing them lip kissing on a park bench.

Then I remember the beautiful and sweet looking porn star in the hotel.  She came in with a girl and to my surprise; I saw her lip teasing the girl’s ear.

It's Not What It Seem...

It’s not what it seem…we really can’t tell if the person is an absolute boy or girl, or gay. Not all men or women act as they are.  Their looks can defy you but you cannot be certain of their true character.

I am surprised on how people have become nowadays.  Nevertheless, I still love my gay friends and I admire them for being true.  In fact, they are my number one Adam & Eve sex toys’ customers.

So what if they look like genuine boys and girls and you just realized they’re gay? It doesn’t matter as they share the same pleasures we enjoy.

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