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Masturbation Tips

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Today’s sex tip with Dr. Kat is about masturbation – for him!. Dr. Kat reveals the techniques of how he masturbates. Now give your man a hand! A little anatomy lesson here; we’ve got the testicles, we’ve got the shaft of the penis, we’ve got the glands, the head of the penis and underneath, the frenulum. The best way I would suggest for most women to learn on how to masturbate their guy is to simply watch him. Try to get an opportunity to see him masturbate on his own or have him show you. I always think it is the best way to pick up the tips for what works for him.

There are also a few other tips that you can use to incorporate and mix things up in the bedroom. You can start with the single hand stroke. Some guys like to focus on the shaft itself and moving the skin back and forth. Other guys like the focus more just being on the gland or on the head of the penis and just going back and forth over their coronal ridge and the frenulum. The frenulum is considered the most sensitive part of the penis and you can position your thumb over it and give that area a lot of attention. Above all make sure that you are using lube, it will make things go a lot smoother (if you know what I mean). Make sure you pay attention to his cues; is he moaning? Is he changing or positioning? Does he want you do to more one way versus another, just be open into allowing him to guide you through. Another couple of suggestions are that you can incorporate the masturbation techniques of the hand with some more of the sex too. So, kind of mixing all throughout and finding your rhythm and pattern is really the a great way of finding out what works best for him too.

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