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Ways To Be Romantic With Your Man

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Ways To Be Romantic With Your ManJust like you, your man also needs that romance that you always crave for.  Cosmo shared some means on how to make your moment with your guy more romantic and I wish to share some of them with you guys.

  • If you catch him playing Wii, pop down beside him and challenge him to a two-player duel. Even if you’re not so into gaming, he’ll dig that you’re making an effort to try something he likes.
  • Suggest a fancy-ish place for dinner and drinks…and grab the check when it comes. He was probably expecting to pay, so you’ll catch him by surprise—and he’ll find it sweet you’re treating him this time.
  • When you’re watching TV together, prop his feet on your lap and give them a rubdown. Guys like being pampered as much as you do, so after a long day on the job, you’ll probably be his favorite person ever.
  • When he’s showering in the morning, sneak in and write “Bye babe, miss you already!” on the mirror with your finger, then slip out. You’ll have him thinking about you all day.
  • If he’s traveling without you for a weekend, slip him something sweet—like a card or a picture of you—to show you want him thinking about you while you’re apart.
  • When you’re together, leave the cell in your bag. Giving him your undivided attention at dinner or wherever will show him that you’re 100 percent focused on what he’s saying, which he’ll interpret as you being super into him.
  • As you’re parting ways after a date, give him a long, deep kiss. His last memory of you will be a sweet one, and it’ll make him want to see you again ASAP.
  • Handwrite a note and leave it somewhere he’ll find the next day (like his sock drawer), saying: “Hey, you. Hope you have an amazing day. See you soon.” Short, sweet and way more personal than a text.
  • If he’s dragging you on a super lame errand, like to the store to buy sports gear, slap on your game face and fake like you’re into it. Yeah, staring at basketballs for 30 minutes might suck, but he’ll dig your easygoing nature.

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