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18 July 2014 | no comments | Audio

Make your weekend ecstatic with Friday Night Hot Story… Car broke down when she is in a rush to Danny’s home. She is going to be late for the family gathering. She drags Danny to help her out. As Danny troubleshoots the problem, she tries to distract Danny. Subtly Danny seems to be giving in to the overtures. All the… Read more »

09 July 2014 | no comments | Audio

Listen to this episode of Bored Housewives to find out about this orgasmic chocolate thunder vibrator… Todd drives carefully as he tries to keep an eye on her wife who is using a sex toy in the car. Beth just got the new toy from a sex toy party they are from. Will Beth get an orgasm in the car… Read more »

30 June 2014 | no comments | Audio

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23 June 2014 | no comments | Audio

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16 June 2014 | no comments | Audio