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Assess Yourself: Who Are You in Sex?

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Assess Yourself: Who Are You in Sex?When assessing several matters in life, we reflect. Based from experience and from stories mentioned by real people in the real world, sex is really important in spicing up your life. When assessing matters about sex, we ask ourselves who we are in a sexual approach. This is a simple question that can branch out many possibilities for enjoyment. I know for a fact that a woman’s perspectives on various things affect sex. Find out who you are and tell me if you can relate to what I’m talking about:

The Romantic Type

While romance is an overrated issue among people nowadays, some still stick to the belief that building such wonderful and fruitful relationships before sex is preferable. When I was young, I believed that sex is an activity that needs to be sacred, and that getting away from the traditional views of sex is a sin. If you are like this, don’t push yourself to believing the modernized and more liberal views on sex. Chances are you will not enjoy your sex life or in the worst case scenario, you might be going too far and end up having regrets. Do not push yourself to blend into the liberated crowd. It is okay to be traditional and stick to the “romance first” principle.

The Liberated Type

If you are up for sex without attachment, then you are more into the side of a one night stand. I personally think that engaging on one night stand encounters are okay. You don’t have to invest emotionally and you don’t have to be deeply involved with a person in order for you to share a sexual experience. Again, if you are this type of person, you don’t have to push yourself to the other way. It will only cause much complications and trouble.

Honestly I had many encounters in the past. These sexual encounters include both when I am involved in a relationship and when I’m single. You should know who you are in sex for you not to get lost when you do it.


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