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Back in the Dating Game

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Well, I’ve lived here in Vegas long enough that my excuses for not stepping out in the dating scene are pretty much non-existent. I can’t say that my apartment is still a sea of unpacked boxes, since I’ve finally got all the stuff put away. I’m not able to use the excuse that I don’t know my way around the city, since I’ve been able to manage going out to the clubs with the new friends I’ve made and not get lost. One of my friends from back home got me a Lelo Gigi as a going away present. I really haven’t gotten the courage to take it out of the box yet, so my need for some human attention that isn’t my own fingers is MUCH NEEDED.Back in the Dating Game

So I hopped online last night and checked out the dating sites. It seems that they fall into two categories – mega huge sites that cover a whole bunch of people and places, and narrower sites that either catered to folks with fetishes (no, I don’t need to find someone who wants to worship my feet, or a Master to beat me into submission) or specific areas. I found a site that was for those who live and work in Las Vegas, and since I do both, I thought it would be my best option.

Now, from what I’ve heard about these kind of sites, you didn’t want to put your whole life story in your profile. Just a nice picture, a few words letting users know what you are looking for and what you’re interested in, and leave it at that. No details about the fact my boyfriend left me as soon as he got wind that I was working in a casino that was frequented by porn stars, no whining about the fact that my mother still calls me every day to remind me to do laundry, and forget about including anything about your workplace. No creepy stalkers, thanks! So, I kept it short and sweet. We’ll see if I get any takers!

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