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Charlie Sheen and Bree Olson Together in Vegas!

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I didn’t get a chance to meet Bree when she was here in Las Vegas last week because of my work and I felt a little bad about it. But when I checked my twitter account (follow me @penelopepardee), OMG! Everyone were talking about my favorite pornstar Bree Olson and actor Charlie Sheen! A rumor has been spread about both of them that they were actually together while they were here.

According to Mail Online, Charlie Sheen is allegedly seeing porn actress Bree Olson and that they also spent Christmas in Indiana.

Sheen and Olson are understood to have spent the weekend in the very upscale Hugh Hefner Sky Villa inside the Fantasy Tower at the Palms Casino Resort. he two-story suite is 9,000 square feet and costs $40,000-a-night to stay in.

With enough space for 250 people, and has an outdoor terrace with cantilevered jacuzzi tub, personal massage room, dry sauna and an eight-foot round rotating bed with mirrored ceiling.

Rumors can’t really get out of Charlie Sheen’s life because he’s an actor, a public property. Just last December, it was reported that he died in a snowboarding accident. But this award-winning actor is very alive and still making news. Although some of us might want to see proofs that Charlie was with 3 girls in Vegas specially with Bree Olson, I have no doubt about him liking Bree because she’s simply a great and funny person!

I love you Bree Olson! You’re simply the best! You can’t let everything stay here in Vegas. 🙂

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