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Cybersex- Does It Still Turn You On?

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My new boyfriend and I couldn’t stop being with each other. Even if we have only seen each other few hours ago, we couldn’t help but call each other, text, and chat online! Hahaha! Ugh, love. That’s what you call love. And it’s always sweeter when it’s just starting. I would expect that we’re going to argue sometimes but I would just like us to enjoy our happy moments. It always makes me feel young whenever I’m in love and being loved. It’s like an everyday food supplement, a happy pill, an ecstasy.

But today, more than happiness was what we felt. It’s a heavenly feeling! We we’re chatting online for about an hour when our usual talks became more steamy. I was so horny that I asked him to take his clothes off. Without hesitations, he took his shirt off and gosh those muscles! He dared me to take mine too before he would take all of his. I was hesitant coz I have never really done it with my exes. I mean, I had sex with them, they’ve seen my body before we went through those sex online. So this time I was a little bit shy.

However, after a few teasing and convincing, I slowly took off my clothes and I knew his package was surprised haha! He then took his boxers and I saw his already hard dick. It was only average but I still would want to suck it for real. I removed my shorts but I didn’t get fully naked. We had sexy talks, and he rubbed his dick while I touched my pussy through my panties and ugh, I wouldn’t forget his horny face. We talked about how we wanted to do it for real very soon! After about 10 minutes he came and I followed. It wasn’t so great for me as I wanted to feel his tongue for real but as long as he enjoyed it, I’m good.

Oh well. I’m a horny girl. Cybersex still turn me on! Period!

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