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Balancing Work and Relationship

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Today is my job interview. I am really just excited! It’s my first interview after giving up my search for modeling career. Well, I didn’t really give up, that can wait. It should! All I care about now is this interview, job, savings, and Christmas gifts!

On the other hand, this new guy has been calling me since yesterday and sending me sweet messages every few hours. I have no more doubt now that he would ask me for another date just like what I said yesterday, lol! He makes me feel so special. Though at this very moment, I don’t want to think that he wants more than friendship because I want to concentrate on my career. I don’t want to fall so easily and not know what to do when things get difficult between us.

But I know that’s a normal thing that happens in every relationship. It could be at its best and worst. I also thought that even if I get a love life later on, same thing would happen. I still need to manage everything in my life even without a boyfriend. Same thing would happen when I get married and have kids. I guess it’s always just a matter of balancing.

I presume that all of us were taught about time management since when we were young. We have to wake up early and go to school on time. But it’s a skill I’m still trying to learn, lol. It’s always going to be a part of our lifestyle especially with relationships. I realized that even when I get a job and a lover at the same time here in Vegas, I should know how to break down my time for both and for everything else. I should also learn how to multitask more and balance my time for myself!

Now I have to go, send me prayers and good luck! 😀

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  1. Morgan December 10, 2010

    When I balance my work and personal life, I also have to schedule it. I often get wrapped up in my work and neglect what’s truly important in my personal life. My new routine is to take Sunday off, NO MATTER WHAT!

    It’s really helped tremendously.


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